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Xenos is a survival roguelike(-like) game that's been in development for about 6 months. I've finally made a playable demo and I'm showing it to everyone who cares.

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Xenos development started back in 2012, when I left my day job to become an indie developer. I wanted to make a game that I wanted to play, on the assumption that I'm not too unique in my tastes. Xenos was (and is) going to be a sandbox game about survival, building and reshaping the world around you; inspired by the likes of Project Zomboid, Dwarf Fortress etc. But, in contrast to these games, Xenos is eminently winnable: instead of zombies, it has alien invaders that can conceivably be overcome and defeated, once and for all.

Driving a car

I'm planning a lot of stuff for Xenos: huge procedural game world, NPC settlements with simutaled economy, discovering and adopting strange alien techologies, crafting, building and a little combat. I'm not sure that I'd be able to achieve everything in this list, but I'm working towards it, and have a playable demo as a proof.

There's not much to do in the demo, but it is already sort of fun: you can roam a deserted town invaded by aliens, dodging their ligthning bolts and scavenging for supplies, trying to survive as long as possible. The more fortunate players can find and refuel a car, which is driveable, though the demo map is currently too small for it to be of any real use.

A drugstore invaded by aliens

Anyway, if you're interested in the genre, you really should check the demo out. And I'm really dying to hear more feedback on my game - I'm hoping it would make it way better.


Hello, your game and the ideas look and sounds really good, i like the graphics actually, it have a good style that is acceptable and im going to try out the demo soon, will the game cost something when its finished?

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Cotoff Author

Yes, the game will certainly cost something. I think I'll set up preorders during alpha stage, a-la Minecraft, with alpha version costing less then the (planned) final. Would probably start with something like $5, but I'm not sure yet.

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Yes please! This looks awesome! Love the concept will check out the demo in a bit!

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