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SteamBlade is a toon styled, action role-playing game that's inspired by the action rpgs of the past and set in a fantasy world where magic and technology exist side by side.

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Features & Planned Features:

  • Procedurally generated “dungeons” as well as static non-procedural areas.

  • Multiplayer capability with instanced loot for individual group members.

  • Hardcore and Softcore game modes.

  • Varied character builds with a variety of skill options. “Min-maxing” is encouraged, however all skills will be viable for game play.

  • Dozens of character augmentations for added character and build customization.

  • Diverse enemy interaction. Certain non-boss enemies have unique skill and abilities. With various AI behaviors.

Character Classes:

SteamBlade will contain 5 character classes, each with multiple play styles.

More information about the classes will be revealed in the coming weeks.

You can follow our development progress here for updates as they become available.

Thank you.

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