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SteamBlade is an action role-playing game. Featuring play inspired by titles such as Titan Quest, Torchlight, and the Diablo series.

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In a previous post, it was mentioned that we would release more information on the various classes in the world of SteamBlade. So without further ado, I give you the first of many classes, the gladiator.

The gladiator represents SteamBlade's brawler archetype player class. It is the class that should allow the players to dive into the action head first, and worry about the consequences later. This class is built primarily around melee combat, and soaking up damage.

Members of the gladiator calling are comfortable with all types of weapons, though you will most often find them wielding a 2 handed weapon or a dual set of blades.

Gladiators are all about facing down the enemy, and dishing out serious hurt.

Spin Slash

Testing a freezing based attack.

Key Features


Gladiators can not only dish out major damage, they can take a hit or two as well. Their training allows them to absorb blows that would topple lesser warriors.


Movement is key to survival in the world of SteamBlade. Fast attacks and movement skills are all apart of the gladiators kit.


Gladiators fight with ferocity and a fury. Because of this many of their attacks cause secondary effects, such as bleeding and crippling, on their enemies.

-Avatar forms

Channeling their various emotions into physical form allows the gladiator to gain new abilities and grow in strength and power.

Running Enemy

"Stop running away, this wont hurt...much"


Listed below are few example of the gladiators active and passive skills. Names and descriptions may be altered as the class develops further.

“Ground Pound” – The gladiator punches the ground, dealing damage in a arc in front of them.

“Painless” – Grants the gladiator full invulnerability for 3 sec.

“Bloody Arc” Deal damage in a arc in front of the gladiator, healing a percentage of the damage dealt.

“Come Here” Pulls a group of enemies to the gladiator.

Armor types

Gladiators can wear all types of armors, ranging from light weight leather to heavy full body plate.

Introducing SteamBlade

Introducing SteamBlade


SteamBlade is a toon styled, action role-playing game that's inspired by the action rpgs of the past and set in a fantasy world where magic and technology...

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