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Here is a quick presentation of the studio behind Hacktag.

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Hello everybody, nice to meet you guys :-)

Before talking strictly about Hacktag in the coming articles, I wanted to speak a little about the hands and brains currently working on the game (while we're not dealing with the french administration and paperwork :-) ).

Who we are :
Piece of Cake Studios is a French videogame studio founded in october 2015 by 3 experimented professionals. We combined 25 years experience in video games (from Ankama Studios, Eden Games, Eugen Systems among others...). And you can also call us "Poc", we know it's a shorter name.

What we do :
The serious business/edgy way to introduce our DNA studio is :
"We're focusing on cooperative gameplay, procedural level and story design as our 3 major axis."
Basically we just noticed that there is never enough great cooperative videogames with original gameplay so we just want to offer more of it the world !

What we like :
- Coop videogames (duh !)
- Hardcore turn-based tactical games and oldschool RPG.
- To unreasonably drink belgium beer and Pastis in the middle of the week.
- Homemade Sushis !
- More Homemade sushis !
- Complaining about paperwork

What we look like :
We're kind of shy so for now you'll have to stick with the studio logo :)

POC logo vertical ombre

Keep in touch:


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