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Because some people probably want to read the news stories on the IndieDB site, I will write short summaries of our blog posts from www.prisonscape.com.

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In this blog post I'm going to introduce some of the NPC's that you will see in Prisonscape. If you don't want any spoilers, you should probably stop reading right about now.

The Cuban

The Cuban is a black man with an afro. He is one of the friendlier inmates in County Jail and Miranda, and he helps the player with various things and gives him a lot of jobs. He is a famous smuggler who can bring almost anything inside the prison walls (kind of like Red in Shawshank). He is also a drug dealer and he sometimes ask the player to help him with his deals. He is quite liked inside the prison, mostly because he can bring in almost anything one can wish for. He doesn't any gang affiliations and usually stays out of the way when they start fighting on each other.

He can teach player the Slinging skill.

Big Bob

Being the highest ranking officer, Big Bob is the leader of the aryans in County Jail. He has gained his status mostly because his brother is the division leader of the western sect of Aryan Brotherhood. He offers a lot of jobs for the player if he wishes to join 'The Brand'. He is not very much liked even among his own men, and he leads mostly through fear. He is a big, fat and bald man who usually thinks only of himself.


Lobster got his nickname because he has red hair and blushes easily. He is a computer geek who was sentenced to prison for breaking into MIT's network in order to obtain research material. He is a skinny guy who enjoys consuming different kind of drugs. He's not really a drug addict, but more of a researcher in the field of drugs. Sometimes he offers the player some of the more exotic substances. Lobster is one of the friendlier guys inside the prison.
He can teach player the Computer skill.

It would be nice to hear what kind of NPC's you would like to see in the game. If you have any ideas, please write a comment!

sgmongo - - 53 comments

Wicky Chan:

Wicky went to jail after being sued by the survivors of the famous "Mu-Shu-Massacre." The gang had entered the shop attempting to 'lean-on' Chan's father for protection money. He quote "Pulled some serious Kung Foo" and beat most of the gang to death. Chan is currently serving 7 back to back life sentences but, being in prison has not hardened his heart. He still sticks up for the little guy, and feeds his smoking habit by training his fellow inmates in his art.

He is a martial expert who can teach the player the Hand-to-Hand skill.

Go nuts using this ^.^ If you do I would greatly appreciate a mention in the credits!

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Prisonscape Author
Prisonscape - - 47 comments

Very nice idea! Reminds me of Jia Kenmin in HBO's Oz. You'll find your name in the credits if we end up using this :-)

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Austiyn - - 39 comments

I like this, thanks for the update.

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