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Post news RSS Introducing Dawn of Destroyer Devil: Destruction in LAN!

DODD is a game where you get to destroy everything, with your friends! Have immense fun in LAN destroying walls, bridges and making giant buildings fall.

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Aren't we all tired of boring and repetitive so called AAA games in the industry. Don't we all need changes? Will the change come from the establishment game publishers? Or maybe the changes will happen only when we take initiative.

Introducing Dawn of Destroyer Devil, where you get to destroy everything, with your friends! Have immense fun in LAN destroying walls, bridges and making giant buildings fall. The game features cutting edge technology to bring you in a destructible world.

Dawn of Destroyer Devil is a first person shooter where all your dreams about destructible world come true. This game allows you to interact with the world like no other game does. Your friend is behind a cover? He is on a ledge having an edge over you? Destroy it! No walls will remain unscathed, no one will remain safe.

Current features
- First person shooter inside a destructible environment
- An early look into a sandbox destructible world.

Features coming in near future
- Bigger and better worlds to destroy. Actually enjoyable sandbox experience.
- Actual gameplay ramification of a destruction
- More ways to interact with a destructible world with your friends!
- More weapons.
- A replay system so you can hold on to the experience you had destroying the world.
- Lot more to come.

If you want this game to be successful support it in early access.



Tired of boring AAA games?
Not really, can name at the top of my head at least 10 AAA games that never did or will bore me. So, that said. I am sorry but i have to tell you that just shooting up stuff with friends is no fun at all. Maybe it is, for 2 minutes but then it really starts to get old and very boring. Also, there are already quite a lot of games that do the same. And to be really honest, they do it much, much better. Sorry, i know i sound harsh but after reading your story above i just had to comment on this. I think you really need to go back to the drawing board and come up with much more than this. All in all, good luck with your game. As a developer myself i know all to well how hard it is to come up with great gameplay.


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Or develop it on lesser platform i.e Roblox. However, I saw on pcgamer teardown's article that definitely there is a demand on GTA style game with teardown system. There already have FPS with high degree destruction system, albeit little old, so yeah this combination is not great unless something new bring onto table.

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>on a ledge having an edge over you

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