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Post news RSS Into the Stars Patch 0.5 is live!

A huge update for Into the Stars is out today with bunches of content, including a combat overhaul, new interactions, increased options in shuttle missions - and more!

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New Features – Update 0.5

2015 12 17 17 43 46

Shuttle Mission Overhaul

Away Missions are critical component of any successful voyage, and in order to make them shine we refined the experience to emphasize your decisions as Captain. By opening up additional choices for every mission and tying them with unique outcomes, the path taken now has a large impact on your journey. These are the main elements of the overhaul:

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  • Add meaningful choice/structure to interactions with additional branches

  • Increase options and time spent on planet

  • New rewards and consequences for your choices

  • Visual/Presentation update

2015 12 17 17 52 20

Combat Overhaul

Improving the Combat experience has been a desire of ours for some time, but it's a large undertaking and something we didn't want to roll out piecemeal. The feedback for Combat was all over the map, but with this update we've focused on improving our core experience and addressing common requests. With the tweaks we've made and the expanded options now available, the fight against the Skorn should be a much more balanced and dynamic experience:

  • Evade - New ability that allows players to counter Skorn attacks. Evade will perform an emergency maneuver that avoids enemy fire. It is untied from the Frequencies of other battle stations, making it useful in situations where Skorn Frequencies are mismatched.

  • Skorn Misses - This only seems fair... we’ve introduced a chance for the Skorn to miss your ship with every shot.

  • Super Attacks - Every so often the Skorn will use a Super Attack to try and deal heavy damage to your Ark. In order to do this, the Skorn ship will drop its shield, leaving it vulnerable for a brief window. This attack comes with an expanded charge-up time and can be easily recognized with custom animation, sound and visual effects!

  • Animated Enemies – Combat has come to life by adding lots of animation to the Skorn fleet. This makes the experience more dynamic and responsive!

ezgif 2756832745

  • Improved Accuracy - We've received a lot of feedback that your crew miss the enemy too often. Though the addition of Skorn Misses will help, we've also tuned the frequency of your own missed shots to level the playing field.

  • Modify Skorn Frequency - Now, when you successfully target and hit the Weapons module on an enemy ship, the Frequency of their weapon will move to the next color. This allows players to align Frequencies across multiple ships, simplifying the blocking of attacks with your Shields

Changelist for Update 0.5

  • Shuttle Mission Overhaul

    • Updated structure to allow multiple choices with unique outcomes

    • Added support for 3 Shuttle Missions per planet

    • Added “Crew Skill Increase” outcome

    • Added “Crew Health Increase” outcome

    • Added Positive/Negative Civilian outcomes

  • Combat Overhaul

    • Added ability to Evade enemy shots

    • Added Skorn Misses

    • Added Super Attacks for all Skorn ships

    • Added Animation States for all Skorn ships

    • Improved the Accuracy of your Crew, reducing frustrating Misses

    • Added ability to Modify Skorn Frequency by hitting Weapon module

    • Updated charge time VFX for enemy weapons

  • New Captain Backgrounds

    • Scavenger (+50 Carry Capacity for Resource Rewards)

    • Civil Engineer (Improved construction times for Civilian Buildings)

  • Tuning

    • Increased time allowance for Skorn Patrols

    • Enemy functionality balanced to improve pacing across combat encounters

    • Increased % for numerous and more challenging enemies in Pursuit Mode

    • Added bonuses to Public Well Being on City Level increase

    • Eliminated Tile Threat clearing in Pursuit Mode (Now only in Normal)

    • Decreased Costs of most Civilian Buildings

    • Increased population Growth Rate from Buildings

    • Decreased Dismantle and Upgrade Costs

    • Reduced impact of some Ship Incidents on Public Well Being

    • Slightly reduced healing rate in Sick Bay

    • Ship/Camera shake when taking damage

    • Reduced frequency of event spawning on ship

    • Military Officer Background now buffs Engineering instead of Toughness

    • Added a new Patrol location for Normal & Pursuit

    • Added Description to Civilian Morale

  • Audio

    • Added SX to support Super Attacks

    • Added SX and VO to support Evade

    • Added VO to support Skorn Misses

    • Added Ambient for Skorn movement

    • Updated Music for Shuttle Missions

    • Slightly raised general Music levels

  • Bug Fixes

    • Patrol countdowns now properly shift between Threat Levels

    • Countdown SX no longer bleed into combat

    • Addressed crashes at different points in game by added streaming buffers

ezgif 2101845016

We want to thank the community for taking the time to leave us meaningful feedback so that we could include it in this update. Your support means a lot, so please don't hesitate to let us know what you think about the changes!

If you're a Kickstarter backer, make sure you check out our Discord server and join the discussion! You can also talk about the game over at our Steam forums. Send us your screenshots, videos - anything you want to share!

Thanks, and enjoy Into the Stars v0.5!

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