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We're cruising along hoping for another big build soon. Here is the latest and greatest from our development. Lot's of massive additions in exploring planets, and much smoother space exploration mechanics.

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The development has been chugging away and has seen great strides since our last updates. We'd love to keep you all up to date on where things are heading with the game!

Firstly, we have a brand new ship! A frigate class vessel - larger, more powerful, more energy!

Interstellaria - New frigate class starship

After working on implementing/balancing the new ship, work was done to help make the game more clear. Tooltips are now in!

Interstellaria - Tooltips!

The inventory also has more data which it can give the player. Grabbing an item, or rightclick->inspect will give more details about the item in question:

We also have the option to buy ships from the space stations too which is pretty cool:

Attention has also be turned towards exploring planets. Just like the last update, we've expanding the gameplay. An example is our new bat enemy:

The levels also feature new backgrounds which I feel lend a lot to the look/atmosphere of the game.

Alien worlds are also being developed now, which has been really fun and exciting. Look at this artwork:

Moving on the art/design of alien worlds, we also have a new UI element. It allows for missions! You can travel planet side and collect data, apprehend enemies, or more!

That's it for now! There are a few more developments just not quite ready for the public eye yet! On that note, Keep your eyes peeled for a kickstarter effort starting soon! We're just waiting for confirmations/details from a special musician to get the ball rolling! We're shooting for beginning of November! More details in the next update on the whos, whats, wheres, and most importantly the whys


this looks sooooo great. keep it up.

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