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Hello everyone! We're thrilled to introduce to you today our second expansion pack, Interstellar Space: Genesis - Evolving Empires!

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Hello everyone!

We're thrilled to introduce to you today our second expansion pack, Interstellar Space: Genesis - Evolving Empires!

In Evolving Empires, we're taking your galactic empire to a whole new level through the introduction of exciting new gameplay features. This expansion's focus is to provide you with new playstyles to pursue, a host of new strategies to execute, and near endless replayability. In addition, it brings in more to explore, with the addition of emerging societies that serve as hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, studied, and potentially incorporated into your empire.

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Explore new playstyles - New Evolutions feature

Play with all the races in meaningful new ways and evolve your strategies through the introduction of highly thematic, unique and asymmetric abilities that are specific to each race.

Hire android leaders, swap your unique abilities at will, crash your ships into your rivals for massive damage, mutate your populace to live in any environment without a care, instantly assimilate your rivals, and create a formidable capital defense force capable of defending your holdings. These are but a few of the many possibilities and divergent paths waiting to be explored and used in your pursuit of galactic prosperity or domination!

Each evolution ability tree is usable by its own race as well as all custom races assigned to use its affinity. And yes when we say all races, we really do mean all races, as any expansion race you own will also receive their own unique evolution tree!

evolution perks evolving empires

Discover emerging societies - New Minor Civilizations feature

Discover a wide variety of unique minor civilizations and reap their powerful benefits. Study these emerging socities and unlock their full potential, taking your relationships to a whole new level.

But don't delay, as you'll need to race against your rivals as they seek out these minor civilizations and look to gain the benefits for themselves. While you can choose to share their benefits, you may instead desire to form an exclusive relationship and keep them all to yourself... and if you can't do that, you may even decide to destroy them and deny their benefits to others. The choice is yours.

With 7 different categories of minor civilizations, and a total of 21 minor civilizations, there's always mysteries to uncover as you'll never know for sure which civilizations exist in your galaxy!

evolving empires vanaego minor c

7 New Leaders

You can hire 7 new exclusive leaders, a representative from each minor civilization category. These new leaders await the opportunity to put their skills to work for a mighty empire like your own. That is, of course, if you prove yourself worthy of their trust first.

vanaego ardo leader evolving emp

2 New Music Tracks

You will get 2 additional galaxy map tracks inspired by the new Evolutions and Minor Civilizations features.

We hope you're excited with what we've got lined up for this second expansion. If you do, please wishlist Evolving Empires so you'll be kept up to date on its release!

Thanks and please stay tuned for more coverage on Interstellar Space: Genesis - Evolving Empires.

The Dev Team
Praxis Games

More screenshots

ee screenshot arkulla minor civ

evolving empires android leaders

evolving empires capital defense

evolving empires gormec leader s

evolving empires network assembl

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