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Post news RSS Interceptor Shield “USA Capital Building Skinned And Finished”

Ladies and Gentleman we are pleased to announce the completion of the USA player’s capital building.

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This latest finished building is the capital building for the USA player and is where the player can allocate nationwide spending on defense or research. Below are three screenshots of the now newly finished capital building we have uploaded. We are working on getting the normal maps included by the skinner working on the mesh in game so details stand out more.

USA Capital

USA Capital USA Capital

Enjoy and be sure to drop us comments on what you think of the new building.
This is servo signing out.

JustDaveIsFine - - 1,545 comments

Just for personal note, you should make the images link so that when you click on them it goes right to the picture.

I want to zoom in to see the detail.

The building looks nice, but it looks like you've used smooth shading for the entire building. Its not that its bad, its just you'll find many odd dark shadows on parts that shouldn't have shadows.

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ServoIS Author
ServoIS - - 126 comments

The ingame model has the smoothing fixed. also I did include the images as clickabe so they would take one to the full size images but when I posted it removed the encoding and only posted the thumbnails :/.

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

is that an easter-egg, on top of it ;)?

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