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PadWorld Entertainmet has new news about their development of WoP 2.0. This time they released some information about the implementaion of InstaGib including a new zoom for a new weapon.

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A very popular and famous game mode is the instagib mode. The most of you know this game mode, for the rest of you we wrote a short explanation: Instagib is a mode, in which you are armed with just one weapon (mostly a sniper rifle) and a single shot sends your enemy into the happy hunting ground.
Finally this game mode, which already found his way into the world of padman as a multiplayer mod, will be a permanent feature of WoP 2.0, soon.

To proceed as normal all bots will visit the school again and will learn how to play the new mode. So you will meet bots, which can deal with you in the instagib mode.
All of our game modes like SyC, BB, LPS, etc. will be fit for the instagib mode, which gives them a new special thrill.

The developers grudge no pains and created a new weapon and a new zoom. Both are only for the instagib-mode. The zoom has a limited field of view, but to create a balance your enemies will glow like fairy lights so it is easier to detect them.

InstaGib Zoom

ENTE also said to me, that it is possible that the look of the zoom changes to the release of the final version of WoP 2.0. Unfortunately we can not really see the new weapon on the picture. We all have to wait since there is News from the cubby hole of the Wop-developer.

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