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I have my own twitch account, and people have been streaming them creating things within the level editor so I thought, I may as well stream it too... When I can!

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Okay, so if you're interested on how levels are created within Amnesia: The Dark Descent, try and catch me on a stream! I want to try and stream as often as I can, but sometimes my internet is a piece of... Yeah...

But, when I can actually stream myself Modding, I will. So, pop on over to my twitch page to watch me Modding and listening to music. Or you may catch me trying to steam a game, and failing at it.

My Twitch Page - www.twitch.tv/pshyched

Hopefully I'll see you on there, and you can see how its all done. I also do apologize for the slow updates, I've been on and off modding recently, I'm trying to do it as much as I can!

- Shadowz123/Pshyched

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