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Over 100,000 unique visitors have seen our Greenlight page and our rank continues to inch closer to the Top 10!

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INFRA is currently hanging out inside the top 15 ranks on Greenlight! We have had over 100,000 unique visitors view our page and the number continues to climb. Frankly, that number is a little hard to comprehend so I did some searches to try to put it into perspective.

  • 100,000 miles would circle the globe four times or get you about halfway to the moon.
  • 100,000 sheets of paper stacked on each other would make a stack 41 feet tall.
  • $100,000 would buy each team member of INFRA about 2,250 pints of ice cream.

In short, it is still fairly incomprehensible but it excites us to know that so many people have been exposed to our work. Seeing that number rise every day has kept us diligently plowing on through development. We don’t have much to show today but you can be assured there is more to come. For now you can lay your eyes on this new image of a pump station that Yucca put up.

Pump station

Make sure to savor Yucca’s work as he is currently serving his mandatory military service for the Finnish Defense Forces. He is still a primary contributor to INFRA but his images may become a bit more scarce.

billyboob - - 297 comments

Bummer about Yucca. How long is service? Congrats on Greenlight shenanigans so far.

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Oskutin - - 194 comments

Shortest is 180 days.
And in the worst case it can be whole year.

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iEuropa - - 218 comments

You have these stats because your work is insanely cool !!!

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Kasumi Krystal
Kasumi Krystal - - 1,446 comments

100 000 Czech Crowns would buy one member of the INFRA team a old and used Renault Megan car.

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