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General information regarding past and upcoming weeks of the Turf Wars development.

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Being full-time students, the past weeks have been very busy for us in regards to wrapping up this school term, and as a result of this, the Turf Wars development was put to pause for a few weeks. Now, however, summer break is here and we've once again kick started the development process. With school out of the way, we will have more time to put into Turf Wars, resulting in more cool new features for us to show you!

Current focus is on our new map and game mode - the trainyard level, as well as the deathmatch game mode. We have a lot of sweet ideas about how to make these awesome, and we'll be sharing our process with you through our weekly updates, which we now will be picking up again.

Here's the first broad concept of the trainyard map. We'll be implementing a lot of environmental features, including some events with passing trains, but more on that in future updates!

Concept of the next upcoming map

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