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Side Quests have arrived in Apastron as Infiltrations. Free one shot map packs for all owners of Apastron on Steam. New Gun, Satchel Charges, Explosive Barrels, and more.

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Apastron Infiltrations #1

3 New Maps!

Com Station

Train Station


1 New Gun!



Satchel Charges Added

Explosive Barrels Added

Continuity Changes.

Updated End Cutscene Text

Fixed issue where title would Stretch awkwardly on End Cutscene.

Updated Cedar Teleport Cutscene Text

Added the Com Tower (now visible in outskirts)

Added the Armory in the Owl Club

Q & A

How do I get start the infiltration?

Go to the owl club armory.

How do I get to I1M2?

Claude is waiting in Central 98 by the transit sector entrance.

How do I get to I1M3?

Next to Grandma's Castle in Cedar.

What do I get for Completing the Infiltration?

You get a guaranteed drop for the new satchel charge ability!

Can I get the satchel ability from Alien chests?


Thanks for checking in on this update! If you like the work I'm doing on Apastron consider supporting.

I'm also working on a monster rpg. Entodrive

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