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Post news RSS Inferno SCP arrives on ModDB!

The popular mod for FreeSpace 2 finally makes its debut on ModDB. Read below for more info!

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1. The Debut
Inferno SCP is finally on ModDB! Many of you know Inferno: Alliance Standalone, a project that was recently added to this fantastic site. Well, INF SCP is INFASA's "older, bigger and more popular brother". INF SCP is an upgrade of the popular INFR1 while INFASA is an upgrade of INFA.

While INFASA tries to tell the story of Sol after the end of FreeSpace 1 by keeping the classic feeling of FS1, Inferno SCP goes well beyond FreeSpace 2 and tells the story of the Post-Capella GTVA as it makes contact with the Earth Alliance, the ruling power of Sol, and a new armada of Shivan vessels.

Successively, Inferno: Alliance 2 will be included. INFA2 is set in Sol many years after INFASA, and tells the story of a raising Earth Alliance as the faction tries to conquer the whole Sol system by defeating the Jovian Coalition and many other hostile entities. INFA2 will be big and ambitious enough to have its own mod profile on this site, but it's much more appropriate to consider it as a mod for INF SCP. The fact that these projects share many assets significantly supports this choice.

2. Improvements to the old release
The most significant improvements to the old release involve the quality of the assets seen in the game, but the plot has also been changed. The main campaign that will be released with INF SCP has a prominent role in the modpack, and many weaknesses of INF's old plot have been analyzed and removed. For instance, the Earth Alliance will no longer be an easy adversary for the GTVA to defeat, even from an in-game perspective: the player will see many GTVA ships falling to the might of the EA, which will rely on cutting edge technologies (like Nanotech).

The Team estimates that the first release of INF SCP will feature a 30+ missions long campaign, but this is yet to be confirmed. The second release is likely to feature a comparable number of missions.

3. Screenshots

As you can see, many old screenshots have been uploaded to this mod profile. Giving the current upgrade of the mod, they serve for promotional purposes - they don't show the future quality of INF SCP's graphics and many assets seen in the screenshots are no longer part of the modpack (they've either been upgraded or replaced with other assets).

This is pretty much like a "Watch them at your own risk", but in a positive way. Expect more screenshots and news to be posted in the foreseeable future.

4. Updates on the project's status

The Inferno Team is now focusing on INFASA, but progress on INF SCP is still going under a modelling/texturing point of view. The Team will focus on INF SCP as soon as INFASA will be nearly completed.

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