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Foundings are the biggest problem for indie videogames! What should we do?

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Today I thought about Ternion's development and I realized that... it's taking more time than expected...

Why? Well, because we have no help, our group is actually just composed by five persons: a programmer, a 3D modeler, two voice actors, and a manager (that actually is good in programming but unfortunately can't work on the project), and everyone of them works for free, during their free-time, and just because they enjoy what they do!

But... is that enought?

Not really... most of professional people doesn't work in a company if it doesn't pay them, so, even if our 3D Modeler was the best of the world, he couldn't alone make the model for every character/weapon/enemy of the game, that's a lot of work for a single person!
So the question is: how to get some money?
My first answer is: starting an Indiegogo campaign!
But... what would we show?

I know that screenshots are quite nice to see, and videos are not that orrible to watch, but... we barely started the singleplayer campaign, we didn't made any significant cutscene, we have three models of characters, and... you probably understood our problem.

We almost finished the main engine, so now most of the final-game features are implemented, but to actually play something, you need a campaign, you need a playable level, and not just wandering around and fighting some soldiers!

So... to conclude this -longer than usual- article, here's my question: (this one is for you!)

Should we wait, and keep the developing at this speed, but slowly improving our game, until we reach a nice point, or should we try to start an Indiegogo campaign, working so hard with what we have, having the opportunity to use wonderful tools like Unity Pro and Oculus Rift (obviously, making the game suited to it) and maybe some professional people that works on this project?

Thanks for reading! And, if you want, take a look to our YouTube Channel, we'll post most of videos there from now on!


I think you should show us more videos/images, I don't know if your game would be succesful founded on Indiegogo or not, if you work on a nice Teaser trailer, with some nice music, cool footage, and you talking, it may attract some people..

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DreamSoft Author

So right!

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if what you say it's true you better wait a little, so you can show some of the story

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