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This week we're talking about how last week's alpha went, what has changes, with screenshots and gameplay footage! Don't miss this, this is our last video update before the end of our Indiegogo Campaign!

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Hi everybody!

It's been a long week, but we finally did it: a new video update has been uploaded!

It features updates about the game, awesome guitar solos and bloopers, you can check it ou
t now:

We have a lot of stuff going on right now which we cannot talk about yet, but believe me all this wait will be worth it!

In this video we cover the current state of the indiegogo campaign (75% on our objective with only 5 more days to day, hurry up!), Tommy talks about last week's alpha 1 and shows GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE!

Just as a preview, here's screenshot of what the game looked like before the campaign:


And now what it looks like with the new Artist (He agreed on doing these arts as a preview to show you guys how it'll look if the campaign goes through):


A lot has been improved and I really believe it shows.

Here's a sneak peek of our big announcement:
The game's name is going to change, and a lot of stuff will happen consequent to this move ;-)

You wanna know more about the game? Interested? Then head to our Indiegogo campaign page to read the whole game description.

Also don't forget to check out our IndieDB page for more screenshots, articles, etc. Please join us on the forums as well ;-)

Thanks for being such an awesome community, I love keeping you updated and love your feedback even more!

Please keep on spreading the word, we really need that 245$ that is left on the campaign, else all of this will burn (please please please no!!!)

Stay tuned, because a lot more news are going to be published next week!

Tommy / Game Developer


ht tp://armorgames .com/play/14554/game-corp

^ Game Corp (GC) = free. IndieGameStory(IGS) = not so free.
Hire own staff : GC= yes, IGS=yes
Make them work like hell: GC=yes, IGS=yes
get better employees: GC=yes, IGS= yes
Get better contracts: GC=no(make your own games from the start), IGS=yes
Win awards: GC=yes, IGS=no
Total control over gender, production,name and type: GC=yes, IGS=yes
Get more employees: GC=yes, IGS=yes
Develop your game audio, art, code and text : GC=yes, IGS= yes
Catchy game graphics: GC=yes, IGS=no

I`m not trying to be mean, but either i`m missing the point of creating a game that already exists on the market, or GC and IGS are different in some obscure way that I can`t see.( like taking mario, giving him another color, change mushroom to spinnich and princess to puppy)

Someone enlighten me.

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tbergeron Author

Hi! Game Corp is a flash game. IGS is a full fledged simulation game, where you have to actually rent your commercial spot, build your office wall per wall, buy your own furniture and computers, hire as much employees as you can, get contracts, get money, unlock new challenges to ultimately start developing your own indie game that you will have many possibilities such as using a "Kickstarter" campaign to get enough funds for it, and so much more. There's also new challenges because everything is procedurally generated.

Shortly put, this game has nothing to do with a flash game. Go check out Prison Architect or any Theme Hospital video and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Thanks for your question! :)

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This game is not worth the money.Make it free :)

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