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Last weekend I had some fun improving and tuning the gore algorithms, I hope it shows! :)

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This is me playing Myriavora at Camp Serenitatis. It's the new map that can be found in the current demo, but the video also shows some stuff I'm currently working on. Most notably the improved blood & gore algorithms!

It started with me noticing a bug that often prevented blood from spawning inside time bubbles. While fixing this I found another bug that caused debris to spawn slightly offset. In the end I spent a whole day fixing, improving, and tweaking all the gore algorithms and parameters. And I'm quite pleased with the result!

Another change you might notice in the video is that time bubbles don't grow as big as they used to. I did this when I realized that you could make time bubbles as big as the whole map, given sufficient level and power generator charge. I was very concerned that this might enable exploits, so I adjusted the size computations. A side effect is that time bubbles are now more stable, which makes them much better at their intended purpose of serving as soft barriers. I'm very happy with this outcome, and I now use the time dilation attack more often than before!

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