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In this update I decided to focus on the movement of the plane through space, as well as sound. There is still more to come!

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These past few days after the last update, I decided to update the plane movement a little more. I recognized that (in a movie for example) when a camera is following a plane, it's not going to be 100% correct in keeping it in it's eye. Being said, I wrote a script basically telling the plane "whenever the user move the mouse in a direction, move the plane a bit and reset it back to it's original position smoothly. I didn't think it would look THAT well! It came out pretty nice and I'm proud that it's there now.

I have also tuned the WARP sound effect a little bit as well. It's not that high pitch squeal anymore. It's actually now a low hum (yes even lower then the afterburner idle sound). You CAN hear it somewhat. It adds that ambient feel when you do enter into warp.

Now this is a big one, I actually put in firing capabilities for the stingray (Looks freaking cool! IGOTTA give you guys a screenshot later!). However, there is a problem in the script. I'm trying to get a timer so I can set it to each planes liking (Yes, planes will have attributes!), and it's not going right somehow. I'll fix it though, with time in effort! =D

Anyways, here's the video! Hope you all enjoy!
Thanks for reading!

- Kyle

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