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A-Star Theft has faster controls, better equipment and more dangerous enemies!

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Download the Demo here:


Improved Controls

Action Speed

Player movement speed is increased and
tying, stealing and drilling time has all been reduced.


Take shortcuts by vaulting over cars and furniture.

AST Screenshot 82

New Equipment

A lot of useful equipment has been added, including:

Glass Cutter

Silently opens jewelry cases and windows.

AST Screenshot 83

Power Killer

Disables electrical objects.

AST Screenshot 84


Destroys walls to make another path inside the building.

AST Screenshot 86

Bullet-proof Vest

Withstand more damage with the vest equipped.

AST Screenshot 105


Steal keycards from workers to easily open a bank vault.

AST Screenshot 92

Vastly improved Police Enforcement

Police Turrets

Violent heists bring out the big guns.
Take cover and destroy the turret before escaping.

AST Screenshot 98

Better AI

Police are now more active in searching the building
and rarely stand still for long periods of time.

Extra Security

Sound the fire alarm to clear the buildings of civilians.
This will alert extra guards to search the area.

Hostage Rescuing

Police officers will now prioritize freeing hostages
before engaging with you.


The amount of hostages you have affects:

Healing speed

Heal faster with more hostages.

AST Screenshot 99

Police Aggression

Police will be more careful with hostages around.

Thank you for reading.

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