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Post news RSS Imagine Lifetimes - Early Edition: Update 1.1.0

You can now download the Early Edition directly from the Imagine Lifetimes IndieDB game-page. This includes the latest major update to the game which was released on the 28th of December 2019!

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Dear IndieDB,

The time has come for Imagine Lifetimes to spread its wings and make its way to IndieDB!

You can now download the Early Edition (demo build) directly from the comforts of the Imagine Lifetimes IndieDB game-page. This includes the latest major update to the game which was released upon the internet on the 28th of December!

Imagine Lifetimes - Early Edition 1.1.0

This update to the Early Edition marks the completion of the early access build.

Development of the Deadly Edition has officially begun! I'm oh-so excited to take this passion project to the next level over the course of 2020. The Early Edition (free) will remain available forever, over time it will receive minor fixes and additional language support. New content and major updates to the game will be exclusively added to the Deadly Edition (paid).

If you enjoyed the early access build consider supporting this project by either making a donation (name your price) or purchasing the Deadly Edition on GameJolt when it's released in 2020. <3

Screenshot IL2

Update 1.1.0 release notes

New Content:

  • Added 1 secret conclusion to the Early Edition

  • Added 3 new endings to the game

  • Note: in addition to the 6 previously released endings this adds up to a total of 10 unique endings now available in-game

  • Added the Politician career option

  • Added 2 new mini-games to the game

  • Added a progression tracker to the game

Screenshot IL3

New Options Menu:

  • Re-worked the first words choice by turning it into the options menu, allowing you to set your preferences at the start of the game

  • Added the quick-play option(see improved replay-ability)

  • Added the translation option

  • Note: translations affect all in-game texts with the exception of subtitles

  • Added the subtitles option

  • Note: currently available languages are English (US), English (UK) and Dutch.

Screenshot IL4

Improved Replay-ability:

  • Added the quick-play option

  • Note: after completing at least one playthrough the quick-play option will become available in the options menu, allowing you to randomly generate a childhood.

  • Added a fast-forward button to the intro scene (optional)

  • Shortened parts of the game on the second playthrough and up

Screenshot IL5

General Improvements:

  • Completely re-worked the way text is handled in-game

  • Choosing the 'Gaming' activity will no longer result in death

  • Increased reading time to balance out the DIY mini-game

  • Multiple voice-acting and audio tweaks

Bugs & Issues:

  • Improved mouse-wheel scrolling input

  • Added a slider to the college major list, in addition to scrolling

Screenshot IL6

Development Q&A:

Screenshot IL7

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