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Imagine Lifetimes is a satirical simulation game about the meaning of life. Question the absurdity of existence as you figure out what it means to be alive. As in real life, two randomly generated parents define your character through genes. Born with the ability to choose, your actions and decisions shape the paths laid out in front of you. Don't let the simplicity of this game fool you, every choice made affects the outcome of your play-through. Every decision may lock or unlock certain paths ahead of you. Imagine Lifetimes is essentially an extensive summary of life, with many ups and downs, challenges and choices. Players get to explore the potential outcomes (multiple endings) to their chosen paths.

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Imagine Lifetimes - Early Edition 1.1.2

Imagine Lifetimes - Early Edition 1.1.2


This free Early Edition build is a demo for Imagine Lifetimes. The full game, dubbed the Deadly Edition, is now available on Game Jolt, Steam and itch!