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Illuminate is a 2d puzzle-platformer where the player must traverse a dark forest with the aid of a small spirit. This spirit will be essential in solving puzzles, getting past enemies and platforming safely through this dangerous world.

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The first alpha build of our game, Illuminate, has been released!

What's New

  • New Level - A fourth level has been added, bringing up the total level count up to 4. This level features a set of moving platforms powered by the spirit.
  • Game Feel/Juice - Overall game feel has been improved with various sounds,music and effects being added
  • Statistics - The game now features a death counter along with a new analytics system to help us improve our game. Participation is optional but greatly appreciated

Based on feedback from pre-alpha iterations, we decided to focus mainly on juice and implementing our final few mechanics. Our overall visuals and gameplay were acceptable, but a lot of people were asking for more sound effects, less default effects/animations and overall cohesion. Now the player has multiple new sound effects, some sprites have been changed to better fit our overall artstyle and certain animations like the lantern have more interesting effects.

For our next release we plan on adding our final boss level along with overall balance improvements from player feedback. The boss is complete but we need just a bit more time to flesh out the encounter. In addition, we plan on fleshing out our analytics system to include more information, to better discover trends and problems in our game.

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