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Hull breacH is available on Steam store early acces! Thank you to all future survivors for your unconditional support. We really hope you enjoy the game! Patch note 0.93.4 is ready: Gameplay / Graphic / Audio / Fix.

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TEX Banniere HullBreach LARGE


Patch note 0.93.4: patch note on steam


-2 New inputs for taking a stack of objects or half a stack. Can be rebinded in the Inputs Options.

Input Option


- New Special Effects for heat environnement.

FX Fire

- New Special Effects for cold environnement.

FX Froid

FX Froid 2

- Broken FX will disappear as intended when repairing.

- Added a little smoke on the broken FX of the diagnosis machine.

- Scale of screen of Diagnosis machine has been reduced a little.

Diagnosis Machine 1

-Restart button will now display text color text as intended.

Menu Restart

- Opacity black screen Choose profil = 90% (lock camera and unlock if return)

- Posters in cabins will receive light as intended.

Light Affiche


- Version button that redirect the player to our website will play a "fail sound" if there is no internet reachability.


- Teleporters will no longer make the player fall a little distance and should not make the player able to see through walls during 1/10th of a second.

- Hopefully fixed TimeScale bug. Should not freeze again during new day screen.

- Reflection probes should not blend out of the rooms anymore (making the corridors walls suddenly lighting).

- You should have no more little lags when you approach a room for the first time.

Keep on surviving!

You can now buy directly HullbreacH on our website (steam key delivered in less than 24 hours) or make a donation directly into our small pockets: Wearebots.fr

Thank you to all future survivors for your unconditional support.

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