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Hello, dear Single Valley resident! Confessions v1.0.02 has been delivered right to your doorstep! Lots of visuals, gameplay & UI changes.

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Confessions is now muuuuuch prettier, with new reflections and various beautiful effects!The demo has been moved to the newer version on the Unity engine.

Reflections Added


  • Doors remain open unless you close them, zombies can enter if you don't close them and you were previously being chased.
  • Mouse controls added for throwing and cycling through important inventory items:
    1. Mouse left click on screen: shoot in any direction,
    2. Roll mouse wheel: quick select ammo
    3. Click down mouse wheel: quick select utility (sling shot etc.)
    4. Mouse right click: drop an item
  • Stun animations added to most NPCs
  • Large animals like gorilla cannot be stunned and a dull sound on blue impact circle indicate this.
  • Rhino has a new short-range attack.
  • Gorilla level exits made more obvious.
  • Interact shine added to all zoo cage switches.
  • Mouse click support added for all UI and in-game menus.

Mouse Support Added

  • Most NPCs will investigate sounds if you throw and item and the NPC has not seen Jack yet.
  • Chipmunks, frogs and armadillos added.


  • Reflective floors and mirrors added.

Reflections In Store Preview

Reflective Mirror Preview

  • Stunned and alerted animations added.


  • Church bells, ambient and reverb sounds added to graveyard.
  • New rhino sounds added.
  • Changed iris wipe between levels to a more subtle fade in/out.


  • Animated icons are now shown whenever you pick up an item

Got Special Item Animation Added

  • UI for ammo in center middle of the screen, with equipment and foot ui to either side.
  • Tips for push and drag now appear onscreen just below Jack.
  • Trash can lids appear in top left of screen - like lives in a traditional retro game.
  • Controls overview added for mouse.
  • Custom mouse pointer and throw icon added.
  • Text and controls tips images now align correctly.
  • Icon added to show the order of inventory pages.
  • Dedicated equipment inventory page added.
  • Mapping inputs given more descriptive names.
  • Version number added to title screen to easily identify builds.
  • Animated loading icon added.

Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

  • Sped up load times between levels
  • Jack dragging equipment layers bug fixed.
  • Numerous controller mapping fixes.
  • Language selection getting stuck bug fix.
  • Cassette player buttons more responsive.
  • Collectibles not showing up in inventory until second time you open it fixed.
  • Fixes to emissive sections of sprites.

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