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13 weeks of hard work. Designing, developing, discussing, testing, modeling and animating, we managed to do so much in 13 weeks and the end result shows!

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So it has been done. Howling was released 2 days ago after 13 weeks of hard work. And we couldn't be more proud of our work.

Howling windows version 1.0
Howling windows version 1.0

Howling mac version 1.0
Howling mac version 1.0

For those who don't know it already. 16 weeks ago we started with the kick-off of the Game Design & Development minor at Rotterdam University. The task was to design and develop a popular 3D game. The first week we started dividing all the students in 3 teams and getting to know each other. 3 game studios were created. Approxiv, Too Many Developers and our very own team Vector Wolf Studios. We had a school holiday the next week so we had plenty of time to get to know each other.

The next two weeks were all about trying to come up with a concept for a game, and preparing a presentation to convince some very talented musicians to compose some music for our game. Our concept with the working title "Hunter Games" was to create a online multiplayer arena where the last man standing would win the match (Hunger games anyone?). Obviously we didn't want to just copy hunger games so we created this whole atmosphere around it, a dark forest, crumbling ruins and (don't laugh) nazis keeping you from running out of the boundaries of the map.

Well needless to say we changed quite a bit, but there core is still there. We removed some potentially offensive parts and after some feedback we distanced our self from hunger games by making people respawn as wolves and making the last man standing a little less important.

Then we got to the development part. 10 weeks and 2 holiday weeks. Building up the multiplayer, the maps, models, animation, textures, sounds and pretty much everything you see and don't see in our game. The first few version were done extremely quickly, we had basic multiplayer working a few days in, walking around as a unity engineer was going fine. And a basic map was created in no time. Turning these parts in a working and most importantly fun games was the hardest part.

So 10 weeks after the development started we finally finished. And would you look at that, people are already playing our game every day. We have over 15,000 visits on the IndieDB alone. And a great reaction from the general public. It is amazing how much we were able to achieve in the time we had and it was a pleasure playing with you guys.

To finish off, have a screenshot from one of our very first builds and one from a slightly less older build. To see what the game looks like now download the game for free from our website Vectorwolfstudios.com or from the downloads page here on IndieDB.

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