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Post news RSS How to Apply for my Closed Steam Beta! [CLOSED CURRENTLY]

This is a article explaining how you can apply for our latest and constantly updating closed beta of Erithium!

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**Very large first announcement guys! Erithium's first beta (1.01) is released on steam for up to 50 select participants to play (NOTE: This is a heavy beta, primarily designed to test game play elements this whole next month November + October, and fix as many bugs as possible, while updating the game every day along the way in order to retain it's maximum potential). Again, this beta is starting closed, and in order to apply you must email: aerixartgames@gmail.com requesting beta access and your request will be processed within 1 business day(s) to minutes within a day.

**IMPORTANT: YOUR EMAIL MUST BE FORMATTED AS FOLLOWS FOR BETA SIGN UPS VIA EMAIL: SUBJECT: Beta Request - MESSAGE: Must include your name, and confirm you have access to a computer (64 bit) with around the specified system requirements here:

Windows 10 (10.0) Home 64-bit (Build 18362)

Intel Core i5 6600k (Tested on desktop machine)

6 GB System Memory

Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 660 / AMD GPU Radeon HD 7870

(Any Sound Card is Necessary)

And around 5+ GB of system storage.

**DirectX Version must be 11 or higher.**

Here's a short FAQ:

*So how long will the version one closed beta run?*

Approximately a month, maybe shorter.

*Will updates be released along the way?*

Yes one, if not two or even several every day of the week.

*How are you going about bug and suggestion reports?*

If you wish to submit a bug or suggestion report, you can email aerixartgames@gmail.com for those as well. **IMPORTANT: YOUR EMAIL MUST BE FORMATTED AS FOLLOWS - SUBJECT: Erithium Beta Report - MESSAGE: Must include whether the report is based on a bug, or suggestion, and include detailed information on the report made.**

*Will the beta be valid after public release?*

No, obviously not.

*What does the first closed beta session include initially?*

One medium sized playable map currently, for gameplay mechanics - "Moon". A fully fledged wave style survival system, a few basic starting objectives, some insight on what the game is about, and that's not to mention the plethora of updates adding new maps, features and more across the board as the beta goes along.

*How many people are working on this game?*

Just me. That's it.

*Any other questions? You can email aerixartgamesfaq@gmail.com to ask more while the beta is in session!*

**Enjoy guys! We have 48 keys left currently (more soon as well) :)**

*46 keys left as of 10/24/19*


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