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Beyond Enemy Lines is a spiritual successor to Project IGI. Between both games are now 16 years of new technology, new kind of gamedesigns and the complete shooter genre has changed. Beyond Enemy Lines has also some changes compared to IGI and here is one of them.

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Beyond Enemy Lines (BEL) is an old style shooter without much compromises to mordern and "easy" gameplay. There is no autoheal or autoaim, no unnececary tool tips or anything of this. BEL has the DNS of IGI deep in its veins. But some changes are necessary, the AI is a lot more intelligent and dynamic as in the original IGI, so additional cover is needed, something that was barely visible in Project IGI – vegetation!

Let’s take a look how the vegetation changed the missions and the gameplay on Trainyard.

(1) Trainyard | Mission start (left Beyond Enemy Lines [2016], right Project IGI [2000])

As seen in picture 1, the buildings and the layout are oft he same style and in the same location. Besides some grass and bushes a tree was added to block the view to water tower. This was made to block the view oft he sniper that is located on top of this tower. Otherwise it was possible that he would kill you right at the mission start.

(2) Trainyard | below the water tower (left Beyond Enemy Lines [2016], right Project IGI [2000])

Picture 2 is taken below the water tower from picture 1. There are some new rocks and bushes added to block the lines of view for possible attacking soldiers coming out of the barracks.

(3) Trainyard | on top of the water tower (left Beyond Enemy Lines [2016], right Project IGI [2000])

On top of the water tower (3) you can see that a big tree was added in the center. This will blook the line of sights oft he sniper if you are sneeking behind the barracks and try to pass the checkpoint, also it blocks your way tot he guard in the small control building. This on tree changes the kind of progressing compared tot he original IGI drasticly. Now you have to take out the guard in the control building on a different way.

(4) Trainyard | behind the barracks (left Beyond Enemy Lines [2016], right Project IGI [2000])

The area behind the barracks (4) which is covered by the big tree in picture 3 provides also additional cover with several bushes and objects which allows the player to sneak near the control building but it lacks of cover fort he guard in the tower. So you maybe take the guard out before you go this way.

(5) Trainyard | mission exit (left Beyond Enemy Lines [2016], right Project IGI [2000])

Also at the mission exit (5) is some additional cover in the new version of Trainyard.

What vegetation provides cover and how ist he impact on the performance?

The default grass does not provide any cover, if you crouch in the grass you are always visible fort he enemy. Some higher bushes and trees provides cover, while bushes only block the line of sight, tree trunks obviously block also bullets.

To allow you to play the game on lower end PC’s you have the choice to lower the foliage quality:

This will remove some or all (if turned off) grass and bushes. This will only affect outside areas whicht low to zero enemy population. So probably areas whicht are more or less used just to run trough to a certain location. In hotzones (where mission targets are and the most gamplay will take place) only the grass is removed and all important bushes will be still available and provide cover. Trees are never affected by these changes.

So even if you have a slower PC, you won’t have a that big disadvantage.

What do you think about this?

Think your way in ... shoot your way out!


Oh wow, I loved Project IGI, up until the point you're trying to escape with the scientist? and are trying to defend against a bunch of people chasing you.

Breaking in/sniping/all that was super fun. Given you guys a follow, can't wait to see how it turns out.

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One thing to remember is that grass cover works both ways; I can't tell you how many times I've been trying to spot a prone soldier in the ARMA series and he's just picked me right off while I'm prone in taller grass. If the AI doesn't react to the presence of grass at all - especially when crouched - it can be extremely frustrating. I hate playing the ARMA games without the lush grass, but it can be extremely infuriating otherwise.

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KAEPS133 Author

Yes this system works for both sides. But in Beyond Enemy Lines there is no prone for the player as for the AI and this is one of the main reason why not. The grass just does not have the hight to provide cover.

Only of you are looking over a tip of a hill, then it would privide cover. The way it's working in Beyond Enemy Lines is not frustrating at all. In close combat in thick vegetation you'll always hear the footsteps and the yelling to locate them better.

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looking good so far.

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Lovely work buddy. Now folks this is something epic I can assure you. It seems a fantastic remake of a fantastic game is about to get delivered to us soon. I can't wait. Good work Kaeps133.

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Looks good, can't wait to hear more, take your time and don't rush to finish it.

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