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Hot fixes and improvements based on your feedback.

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Hi, everyone!
We're working to improve the game experience based on your feedback.

Steam 6

Thanks all of you for help!

So, what do we have here?
New changes and fixes:

  • Performance improvements
  • AI navigation improvements
  • Fixed bugs
  • Improved the user experience around certain objectives
  • Fixed collision issues
  • The time loot (ammo and health) spawned when enemy dies remains on the map before it disappears (from 15 seconds to 120 seconds)
  • The number of bullets the player find after killing the first patrolling soldier depends now of the level difficulty of the game
  • Solved the visual glitch when player can see through the landscape
  • Improved Lea s navigation paths when sent to detonate
  • Lea will not follow the player inside the houses (anyway it was unnecessary because if the player detonate Lea inside the house the player will be in most of the cases in the explosion range and he will die)
  • Lea's explosion will now affect the player only if the player is not hidden ..so until now the player was affected by her explosion if the player was in the damage radius of the explosion and this caused unnatural behavior..for example if Lea exploded outside the house and the player was inside the house but in the damage radius, the player would have died...this won't happen now because we are now taking into account the objects that are between the point of explosion and the player location.
  • We've also modified the enemy spawner behavior so there will be only 1 wave per spawner
  • Improved the enemies location indicator which is shown when the Z key is pressed

All of this changes are available in Prologue and will be add to the full game.
The new Release Date of the full game: 21 May

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