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Post news RSS Hook Cat Logbook 11: Many news: Easter Eggs, Test 2 + Downlaod, new concept, animations

This time we tell you about the second test and offer you to test it yourself. Also we have some animations to show you and new concepts.

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Well, you landlubbers be on your guard, the sea is stormy today.

This is certainly due to the big news we have for you today!

Test 2
Today we can finally show you the implementations that have been advertised for a long time.
You can also test them directly! The test was already carried out with a few people who also did the first test.
However, we were unable to complete the evaluation.
However, we were able to note a few errors that we want to improve next time.
The controls haven't been completely reimplemented yet, so you could jump in any direction. This resulted in the following two errors:

As you can see, you could jump and run on the water without limits. The errors have already been submitted and a solution is in progress.

If you want to do the test yourself, you can do so here:
Feel free to contact us on Instagram to share your experiences.
For those who can't test the game but would like to have a look here is a walkthrough of the version.

New enemy concept:
Since we heard a few times during testing that the world is so empty after defeating the opponents, we have two new concepts, one of which we want to implement in the game. The first is that enemies are stunned, which allows hook cat to cleverly snatch the parts that enemies are still a danger. The second concept is that enemies will get reinforcements and respawn after a certain time. This would also solve this problem. What do you like better?

The animations are now partially in game, but some are still missing and some errors are thrown. We'll show you what we've got so far
Here is a sheet that lists the sprites that will be used for the animations:


idle animation:


walking animation:

ezgif com gif maker 4


ezgif com gif maker 3

How do you find them?

In order to improve the teaching of the world, we also plan to add props. These are still being designed but will improve world building and provide more guidance.

More to collect:
We have come up with another concept that makes collecting a little more exciting. For this we have decided on 3 secret easter eggs in the level. In addition to the normal necessary collectibles, there should be 3 small easter egg objects that are distributed throughout the game and are better hidden and that are not necessary for completing the level.
Do you think you can find her.
These are the current sprites of the 3 objects:

Our artist composed a piece for the game which appears in the main menu of the version. Feel free to listen to it:

The game will be ready soon. Stay tuned.

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