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A long overdue update: Honey is finally on Greenlight, and she needs your help to make the magic happen!

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It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here: Honey Rose's second trailer, to celebrate the start of her Greenlight campaign!

Please vote, and if you can help pass this link along to everyone you know and love, that’d be very much appreciated, as I’ll need every bit of exposure I can get, and our combined reach is much greater than mine alone!

If you’d like to help, you can also contact your favorite site/publication about the news and ask them to cover it - I will too, of course, but it holds much more weight if people interested in the game ask for it to be covered in addition to its creator!

All in all… trying but exciting times ahead!


nice trailer! I went to the greenlight page already and voted yes :)

the visuals look pretty! especially in the fight scene in the ring ;o

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Pehesse Author

Haha, yeah, saw you there already :-D Thanks!
The visuals probably won't change now so I'm glad you like them, especially the match fights - they've taken quite a bit of time :-D

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'w')b they sure did look like this one dude spent his hours on it !

Gluck for the game! Is it done tho :0 just asking

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Pehesse Author

Not done yet (else it'd be in your hands :-D) - still need to do the assets for one more match, script said match and a few other gameplay segments, do all sorts of menus (assets+scripts), then go over the whole thing with a fine toothed comb to debug, test and polish... and rework a few things so it works even better than it currently does! Still on track for a release later this year, but I don't commit to any specific date yet in case I need to push back at the last minute :-)

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