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Did you hear? There's now a demo out there! All details inside!

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Hey everyone!

While the game itself is still a couple of months away, to show where it's headed, I've made a demo of it available! You can find it right here on indiedb, in the files section, or download it from itch.io:


If you want to be sure what you're jumping into, an excellent liveplay of the demo just went up: if that doesn't convice you to give it a try yourself, nothing will!

As for how the development is going: it's actually going *very* fine! I've just now finished adding one of the last two features needed for the game... meaning I'm now tackling the last (big) one today. It's going to take quite a while to get ready, after which there'll still be fixes, debugging, editing, and other fun stuff to do (steamworks integration, anyone?) but overall, the game is getting closer to the finish line by the minute. I'm still not saying when exactly I plan to release it just to be sure I don't jinx it, but you might want to keep your eyes open during the later months of this year!

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