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So, what happened during this year? We are rebuilding Hollow Hills! And a new different Teaser was released today!

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Hollow Hills Teaser

After all this time, a new history you can play:


Hi guys!

Yes, it is correct, we are working on Hollow Hills, but much will be changed my friend.Intead of using the old blueprints and systems on old Hollow Hills versions, all will be redone from scratch, and this new demo it shows.

Hollow Hills Teaser will tell a little history related to the main history. Also helps to everyone wonder what can be done with the actual ISP version.

This time, its a little experiment, very close to PT, but as I said before, looking for implementing ISP features.

How to play? Easy, just WASD to move, Mouse to look, E to Use or Interact. And I to invert mouse. That's it. Of course, you can also play with gamepad, and if you happen to have VR attached... well, maybe it works, should be, but since its build on UE 4.13.2, not quite sure if just writing on console "stereo on" will work (I cannot test it on the moment of writing this)

Anyway, enjoy this Halloween, hope you enjoy our Teaser.

Best regards


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