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Hi there! Wanting to express my interest to get to know you all and hope to provide my content to all of you! Here is whats been done, and whats to come! :D

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My very first gamedev project I wanted to keep simple but I had one goal in mind, making the best bathroom game, I feel....for those who enjoy crude humor like myself may enjoy as well, so I created Tappy Turdz for android! This was my milestone of learning to code, publish, and the whole nine. It's been a LOT of fun and I have met some really awesome people so far and just completely ecstatic about what the future holds! Download Tappy Turdz! Click Img ---->Tappy Turdz

Speaking of the future, here is some of the progress i've made on #ProjectToofy.

ToofyThis here is Toofy! He is the latest to be created as the main character!

There will be plenty of content added soon in the coming weeks as I progress with it! I can't wait to show you all what will be added, however here are some more teasers to peak your interests!


Concepts ^

(Current In-Game Screenshot)


To keep up to date with the whats going on, join my discord server! Everyone is welcome! You can join here.

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