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Hey guys! Hi! My name is Raniery, I'm a student game dev and this is my first game! Mahou Go is my school last project, and I hope to finish and release it soon.

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When I started to think about my first game, I was planning to do something very very very simple, like a 3D Flappy Bird. Come on, everyone knows, a game like this could be cool, but work a little longer to make something better is more fun! So, this way, Mahou Go increases when I learn new things in this game dev journey.

Now, the aim is to make a game inspired by some good sidescrollers like Mega Man, Shantae and with a little bit of shoot'em up like Cotton 2. Also, the story have some portion of mahou should and animeish style because this is all that I can draw right now, hehe.

I am giving 100% of me into this project. All the game is being developed by just me (art, illustrations, coding, plot... except the music). So I hope you guys enjoy it.

Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned for some news!

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