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Rule Your School is greenlit! This means we're getting even closer to a final release on Steam! Read more about the latest updates.

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Hello everyone,

we're very proud to say that Rule Your School has been Greenlit! Thank you for all the yes votes and support! Your feedback was really great and we've listened to it. We've made the first steps to redo all our GUI's. It's still not the final product, but we're getting there ;)!

The main menu

This is the main menu, it's a 3d schoolboard and when clicking on a button you focus to the left or right board. On either the left or right board there is a sub menu, which allows you to change settings, load or create a new game.

Choose your own character.

In this menu you can choose your own character! There are various characters to choose from.

Get to know the game with the tutorial!

We redid most of the tutorial as well. It's an interactive tutorial. This should make it a lot easier to understand the game!

Learn how to build!

Select what teachers you want to hire!

Build and design your own school.

We've redone quite some building mechanics which makes it even easier to build and design your school! We've added objects that auto rotate and smart objects that search for convenient places to build.

Upgrade your school and unlock even more objects

A lot of rebalancing has been done and new objects have been added! This means you can unlock even more objects during the game ;).

Make sure you've built toilets for them!

A lot of new animations have been added, in this picture you can see a student using a toilet. This makes the game even more fun!

We hope you like these changes! We would love it if you would give us feedback, maybe the next update will be based on your feedback!



nwint - - 18 comments

Looking really good guys! :)

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Henky71 - - 38 comments

Looks good!

what classes can we teach our student in? is it the litural like math and language or can we build a chemestry classroom and woodworks too?

When will we be able to try this lille beauty out?

keep up the great work :D

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WeersProductions Author
WeersProductions - - 3 comments

Hello Henky71,

thank you for your nice comment! We don't have a difference in classes at this moment. It's definitely something we are thinking about. The chemistry classroom and woodworks are great ideas!
We will definitely add your ideas to our list and think about how to implement them!


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