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A small post where I talk about the mod, the progress and the near future.

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Good evening,

Dear Comrades,

The year 2016 has come to a close, It was a challenging year indeed, and we have accepted the challenges.The work on the mod hasn't ceased as we haven't even taken a break; we're adding new features, fixing new bugs everyday, closer to a release.

We have a discord channel, where I'm over there 24/7 with the whole crew, here's the link Discord.gg

Dev Diary 4 will come up soon, patience is a virtue after all, we've been working on the events as well, and soon we'll cover more then 50 event for different countries, most of these are for 2000-2003 only!

The tech trees are also almost done, flags and political parties are still WIP, you can help with your country (or others) by submitting some flags and political parties, here's an example for the US:

USA_democratic_nationalism_party:0 "America First"
USA_democratic_conservative_party:0 "Republican Party"
USA_democratic_center_party:0 "The Centrist Party"
USA_democratic_liberal_party:0 "Democratic Party"
USA_democratic_green_party:0 "GPUS"
USA_democratic_socialism_party:0 "Socialist Party USA"
USA_communism_party:0 "People's Republic of United States"
USA_new_nazism_party:0 "American Nazi Party"
USA_fascism_party:0 "American Front"
USA_autocracy_party:0 "Ku Klux Klan"
USA_military_party:0 "United States Military"

(there are other ideologies such as Sunni and Shia Theocracies, Moderate and fundamentalist Islamic governments)

Each of these ideologies can have its own flag and party name and leader.

Small personal note:

as many of you knows, I live in Algeria, which makes it impossible for me to get a legal copy of Hearts of Iron IV, since our currency is dirt cheap and all the bureaucratic restrictions to open a bank account, and so if anyone wants to help the development of the mod (or if you have some spare change) I would really appreciate if you could get me a legal version, as that would support both the developers of this mod, as well as the developers of Hearts of Iron 4.

Happy new year everyone, hope you're life will be full of success and prosperity .

Guest - - 696,541 comments

it's already 2017 so when is it gonna be done :/ ?

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Algerian_General Author
Algerian_General - - 241 comments

January we will release a closed alpha, some youtubers are already going to be part of it, the open beta will be released in February

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The_Hunnic_Empire - - 63 comments

Im also youtuber but I dont got bought game:(

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KingKetsa - - 424 comments

I'm sure

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MeKaell - - 60 comments

Good news looking forward

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Guest - - 696,541 comments

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wladuslaw - - 2 comments

so you from Algeria? I thought that in Algeria there is no Internet. Greetings from Russia!

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Algerian_General Author
Algerian_General - - 241 comments

ummmm Algeria is rich so yeah we have a decent internet over here, not the best but it works.
Either way priviet, you can always visit our discord channel

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Guest - - 696,541 comments

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Dainavietis - - 171 comments

How i can send to you information about Lithuania? Ask what you need - partyes names, leaders or something else and how i can give info to you.

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j-erusale-m - - 4 comments

you can join our discord :)

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Guest - - 696,541 comments

Yay,good work guys,and also im a same guy that asked you about Srpska,is it a country or it just has foreign claims?

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Algerian_General Author
Algerian_General - - 241 comments

idk, we still haven't done research about it, but maybe it can be used using focus tree who knows

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Algerian_General Author
Algerian_General - - 241 comments

Hopefully someone will buy me Hearts of Iron 4, remember you are supporting the team and the devs back in Paradox, of course the contributor will be part of the closed alpha

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Guest - - 696,541 comments

why you dont use paypal account? oooohhh.... WAIT :/ welcome to shkoppistan best country in the world

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cihcihangir - - 13 comments

I can help you to Turkey's parties

TUR_democratic_nationalism_party:0 "Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi"
TUR_democratic_conservative_party:0 "Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi"
TUR_democratic_center_party:0 "Anadolu Partisi"
TUR_democratic_liberal_party:0 "Liberal Demokrat Parti"
TUR_democratic_green_party:0 "Saadet Partisi"
TUR_democratic_socialism_party:0 "Cumhuriyetçi Halk Partisi"
TUR_communism_party:0 "Emek Partisi"
TUR_new_nazism_party:0 "Neo-Nazi Türk Partisi"
TUR_fascism_party:0 "Türk Faşist Partisi"
TUR_autocracy_party:0 "Otokrasist Türk Partisi"
TUR_military_party:0 "Özgür Ordu Partisi"

I can't find flags but I will try again

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cihcihangir - - 13 comments

Turkey Democratic Flag : Tr.wikipedia.org
Turkey Communist Flag : Tr.wikipedia.orgürkiye_Komünist_Partisi_(2001)#/media/File:Tkpbayrak.jpg
Turkey Nationalist Flag: Tr.wikipedia.orgürk_bayrağı#/media/File:Flag_of_the_Ottoman_Empire.svg

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Guest - - 696,541 comments

since you are from algeria , i really wonder if there will be special focus trees for al maghreb countries and arab countires in general , same thing for parties and thats will be interesting because as you know many arabs countries share the same idological parties such as the muslim brotherhood or al ba'ath Party

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TheRookieMaster - - 85 comments

Even I am not from Arabic country but I would like to see Ba'ath party alliance in middle east.

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bormos3 - - 174 comments

Well for Slovenija I managed to find a few flags for different ideologies, but I don't know much about political parties so I honestly don't know what the equivalents are in slovenia but I'll try to find out.

Slovenian democratic flag: Upload.wikimedia.org

Slovenian communist flag(basically an inverted yugoslavian flag): Upload.wikimedia.org

Slovenian fascist flag: Upload.wikimedia.org

Bonus - Slovenian fascist emblem: Upload.wikimedia.org

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bormos3 - - 174 comments

Here are the parties (I'll add leaders later):
SLV_democratic_nationalism_party:0 "Slovenjska nacionalistična stranka"
SLV_democratic_conservative_party:0 "Slovenjska conzervativna stranka"
SLV_democratic_center_party:0 "Centralna stranka Slovenije"
SLV_democratic_liberal_party:0 "Liberalni demokrati"
SLV_democratic_green_party:0 "Zelena koalicija"
SLV_democratic_socialism_party:0 "Socialni demokrati"
SLV_communism_party:0 "Komunistična partija Slovenije"
SLV_new_nazism_party:0 "Slovensko domobranstvo"
SLV_fascism_party:0 "Slovenska fašistična stranka"
SLV_autocracy_party:0 "Avtokracijska stranka Slovenije"
SLV_military_party:0 "Sile Slovenjske vojske"

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bormos3 - - 174 comments

I made some typoos:
Slovenjska nacionalistična stranka = "Slovenska nacionalna stranka"

Slovenjska konzervativna stranka= "Slovenska konzervativna stranka"

Sile Slovenjske vojske= "Sile Slovenske vojske"

Leaders I've managed to find:
Slovenska nacionalna stranka: Zmago Jelinčič
Liberalni demokrati: Anton Anderlič
Zelena koalicija: Franc Černagoj
Socialni demokrati: Dejan Židan
Slovenska fašistična stranka: Nik Završnik
Sile Slovenjske vojske: Branimir Furlan

I'll try to make some flags for other parties and after that I'll post a more complete version on the forum assuming that's ok

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IwantoToDIe - - 1 comments

This is for the Israeli political parties:

ISR_democratic_nationalism_party:0 "Yachad"
ISR_democratic_conservative_party:0 "Likud"
ISR_democratic_center_party:0 "Meretz"
ISR_democratic_liberal_party:0 "Hatnuah"
ISR_democratic_green_party:0 "Ale Yarok"
ISR_democratic_socialism_party:0 "Yesh Atid"
ISR_communism_party:0 "Hadash"
ISR_new_nazism_party:0 "Hamas"
ISR_fascism_party:0 "Shas"
ISR_autocracy_party:0 "Hahomoim"
ISR_military_party:0 "Military Israel"

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nicktor77 - - 2 comments

These are the brazilian parties:

BRA_democratic_nationalism_party:0 "PRTB"
BRA_democratic_conservative_party:0 "Democratas"
BRA_democratic_center_party:0 "PMDB"
BRA_democratic_liberal_party:0 "PSDB"
BRA_democratic_green_party:0 "Partido Verde"
BRA_democratic_socialism_party:0 "PT"
BRA_communism_party:0 "PCB"
BRA_new_nazism_party:0 "PNB"
BRA_fascism_party:0 "FIB"
BRA_autocracy_party:0 "PSC"
BRA_military_party:0 "Partido Militar Brasileiro"

there are some other parties like social democrats, other types of socialism, labour, and most of the center parties.

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nicktor77 - - 2 comments

democrat brazil flag: Upload.wikimedia.org

communist brazil flag:

fascist brazil flag:

autocracy flag:

militar emblem:

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Algerian_General Author
Algerian_General - - 241 comments

Hello everyone,

Thank you for showing interest into the mod, a new ideology has been added which is Reactionary Democracy (a good example would be United Russia) .

The new Dev Diary might be an actual video where I talk about the various things that were done recently in addition to our plans for the future.

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