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Today we’re releasing a Halloween themed update that also introduces a big, new gameplay mechanics into the game, the Camping system, along with a bunch of new content and fixes.To celebrate this, the game is now 25% off! Make sure to tell your friends and family!

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Hello there, Companions!

Today we’re releasing a Halloween themed update that also introduces a big, new gameplay mechanics into the game, the Camping system, along with a bunch of new content and fixes.
To celebrate this, the game is now 25% off! Make sure to tell your friends and family!

If you encounter any bugs with new systems, please report them on our Forums or on our official Discord Server. Keep in mind that you’ll probably have to wait until the next in-game week to access new quests, items, etc if you’re using an old save file.


Each company on the world map will now feature their own energy meter (condition), which is used when moving across the continent and when engaging in combat. If the energy drops down to zero, the party is forced to camp. For that reason, wise commanders should plan their camps ahead of time to avoid getting trapped in enemy territory.

Camping will open up new gameplay options for you to choose from. Now you’ll be able to delegate your people to hunt for food, heal the wounded companions or cook a tasty meal to boost the company’s morale. Each of your units will be more predisposed towards different responsibilities at the camp. For example agile units will yield better results when hunting, while strong companions will serve you better building fortifications.

For now two Camping activities are still locked for future development - Crafting & Watching Prisoners.

Graphics Settings & Rebindable Controls

Yes, they’re finally in the game. You’ve waited long enough for them.

New and revised quests

We’ve sat down to fix some of the old quests and add new ones. There are a total of 12 new quests, including two special ones that will grant you new Halloween-themed items: the Eternal Punishment and Eternal Vengeance. To get them you’ll need to raid the Spider Nests scattered across the island. We’ve raised their spawn rate quite a bit to celebrate Halloween, so make sure to take advantage of it while it lasts.

Halloween stuff

While we’re on the topic of new quests, during the Halloween event you’ll have a unique chance to obtain limited items - the legendary Eternal Punishment sword and the Eternal Vengeance axe.

Just raid some Spiders Nests, collect the Spider Eggs and cash them in for an epic reward! Beware though, the new Spider enemies will have a few special abilities up their hairy sleeves, so you’d better not let them surprise you.

The battle locations also received a time-limited Halloween-themed decor, make sure the check them out while they’re available.

New Shields

The shield models have been changed and there are quite a few new shields to choose from. We’ve split the Ranged Defense and the Melee Defense into two different stats so there’s more to play around tactics-wise.

Smaller changes and tweaks
In this update we have also addressed some of the concerns raised by the community: food amount problems, merchant money issues, the ability to discard items and the Berserk Rush bug to name a few.

Here’s the full changelog


  • Main Menu got a little spooky to celebrate Halloween.
  • Added a number of special Halloween decorations on the battle locations.
  • Increased the number of Spider Nests on the world map.


  • Implemented Camping System and Camp Battles.
  • Added a controls rebind screen in settings.
  • Added a graphics settings screen.
  • Added a new interactive object on the world map: Spider Nest.
  • Implemented a new penalty for failing the attribute check in interactive objects that results in a battle.
  • Added 2 new legendary weapons with On Hit effects.
  • Added 2 new enemies: Spider Queen and Spider with a unique Captain Call “Call Of The Nest”.
  • Added 12 new quests and changed some of the old ones.
  • Added 5 new types of shields.
  • Changed Moon Shield to Griffin Shield.
  • Changed the Hunger mechanic: you can find it displayed for each unit in the Unit Panel and the Overview Panel.
  • Implemented pathfinding on the world map: companies will now avoid traversing through the water, etc.
  • Added an Item Context Menu in the Unit Panel. It’s accessible under RMB and the Quick Action (equip/unequip) is now under the MMB.
  • Added a Discard option for items.
  • Added a new Bandits type - Shadows. They’re more powerful and wield more expensive equipment.
  • Regular Bandits got nerfed and will now wield barely any armor and only cheap weapons.
  • Redesigned the melee control zone mechanic in battles. Units won’t be able to pass through a defense line without getting a few hits in return anymore. This should make it more feasible to protect your Captain, enhancing the positioning aspect of the game.
  • Added 6 new food items.


  • Abandoned Camp will now trigger a battle with bandits on attribute check fail, instead of inflicting a permanent negative trait.
  • Sped up company movement on the world map.
  • City merchants will now have a guaranteed minimum number of food items in store.
  • Increased the capacity of Food items.
  • Bandits will now travel with some materials and food in their party stashes.
  • Increased food drop rate from Animals.
  • Split Shield defense bonus into Ranged and Melee.
  • Increased the number of Bandits on the world map compared to Animal neutrals. (Say goodbye to Hunter Simulator :D)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with Captain Calls not always working.
  • Fixed starting wolves not dropping any loot.
  • Added quite a few improvements for the enemy AI.

QoL improvements and tweaks:

  • Merchant gold now refreshes every week.
  • All tooltips react quicker now.
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