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Hey everyone! Hadr is out on Steam and itch.io for all of you to play!

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It is happening.

It has been over two years since i started with this crazy thing.

Hadr is a atmospheric experimental game, where you play with a piece of cloth flying in the wind. And all the things your cloth covers disappear. There are 13 rooms all with their unique puzzles and interactive music.

You can get more info and try the free Demo over Hadr Steam page or Hadr itch.io page or what is the best: Here on IndieDatabase.

I have already written a bunch of articles about the game, you can see them all on the IndieDb Hadr page

Hadr is releasing today on itch.io and Steam and oh boy, what a journey it was.

A painful, long and amazing journey. It always is when you are a solo developer making almost the entire thing on your own. Hadr helped me overcome some bad times and has grown into an amazing title. I have spend MONTHS playing through it but even now I can still get lost in it.

It is an awesome feeling to finish something and see it in front of you. As great as it is, it’s also absolutely terrifying to release it to the people.

But games are nothing without the player. Players make games the awesome medium they are. Games without players are only shells to be filled with your experience. Play them.

Hadr is out there now. On Steam and itch.io for you all curious people to play. To play with that small piece of flying fabric that can help you. Help you get rid of all the stuff that is in the way. To help as it helped me.

Or just have a bit of fun with it! The game will take you on a little journey through a bunch of rooms and then put you right back where you started.

I can't wait to see you all playing the game. I am sure you will love it.

And if you are not super sure yet, you can always check the demo for free over on Steam ,itch.io or here on IndieDB

Now is also the best time to thank those that helped me make Hadr reality.

Vít Dvořák : for the amazing short story.

Jan Tomáš : for half of the beautiful music.

Bohdan Heblík : for the typography and consistency

Vojtěch Vaněk : for guidance

Thank you

So go check the game out!

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