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Post news RSS Hadelmia Stress test day on sunday 13th Dec 2020 at 4 pm UTC

Stress test day to get feedback about server performance and stability.

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Hello, The server stress test day is going to be Sunday 13th December 2020 at 5 pm UTC.

Some Times Converted from UTC to local times:

Finland - Lahti (Server location) = 19:00 EET (+2 UTC Time Zone)
Great Britain - L pm UTC (is UTC Time Zone)
USA - Washington DC = 12 am EST (-5 UTC Time Zone)
USA - San Francisco = 9 am PST (-8 UTC Time Zone)
Brazil - Brasília = 14:00 BRT (-3 UTC Time Zone)
Russia - Moscow = 20:00 MSK (+3 UTC Time Zone)
China - Beijing = 01:00 CST (+8 UTC Time Zone)
Australia - Canberra = 04:00 (+11 UTC Time Zone)

It has been a real long time since i had a chance to test server stability.

1. Test general performance of the server. Is it crashing, lagging, unsyncing etc.
2. Test database performance. Since some things are real time fetched, wrote and changed to the database.
3. Test new game mechanics. Skills, Combat, Item system and so on.
4. To find out any bugs. Server or Client side.
5. To get honest feedback. Please give it after or during the session.
6. To have fun! Even it is still pre-alpha, hopefully you can have fun playing it :)

Please join the DISCORDDISCORD if you are interested to join the session. Or join just to chat.
Website: Hadelmia.com
Download the Client: Here
I recommend to use MSI installer, it includes music and some test SFX for new sound system.

Create a new Account at Account Management page: Here


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