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This is the new release of Hadelmia in Indie DB. Let's test it!

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First i want to give a link to latest Installer page:
Latest Installer

Almost forgot the discord link, this is the best way to reach me and community:
Hadelmia Discord

I have started a video blog on Tube. And here is the latest game play video:

I also want to mention new Theme system what does playing much more pleasing.
Theme system allow you to even randomize the theme and fonts.
Everyone should be able to find the theme to be pleased with.
Here is introduction video about it:

There is also TONS of other update, fixes and features.
Even cows! cow4

Here is the changelog again:

Version 0.4 RC2 v1.18.1
-Fixed blinky and slow maximizing of the client window.
-Fixed invisible login and pass areas after connection timeout on login screen.
-Fixed character delete button's redcross not showing on some themes.
-Fixed text not showing after font select on selection dropbox.
-Fixed and tuned some other minor glitches and annoyments on UI.
-Replaced Webdings font with Vrinda, since...well you know you cant read those hieroglyphs what Webdings are.
-Improved and fixed FPS/Latency and computer specs window.
-Fixed profession forms (sometimes was left under main window).
-Fixed main window focus on first time showing it.
-Fixed profession windows not showing under main window.

Version 0.4 RC2 v1.18

-Hopefully much more stable connection betweeen the server and a client. Should also connect and load faster at the start.
-Added Skin selector and UI options on the main menu.
-Added some options to skin selecteor form.
-Added feature to change the game font.
-Fixed Inventory button texts (didn't show up on certain themes).
-Removed glitchy screen snap system, trying a new method now.
-Added randomize theme feature on skin options form.
-Added randomize font feature on skin options form.
-Fixed themes generally. Their skins are now properly placed.
-Removed non-free skins from the list selection.
-Added shortcuts for menu items.

-Started Video Blog on Youtube! Check that out at: Hadelmia Youtube Channel

Version 0.4 RC2 v1.17
-Mobs can go unconscious.
-Fixed sometimes laggy movement to the east.
-Fixed pet dismiss.
-Adjusted (nerfed) total skill factor amount.
-Fixed some of the warrior techniques to use stamina instead of mana, also hit chance based on dexterity instead of willpower.
-Skillgain formula rework.
-Fixed character creation bug that shows all skills when logging in after deleting and making new character on the same slot.
-Added and improved some particle things.
-Basic strike warrior technique added for all characters.
-2 new spells, soul drain and blessed shell.
-lots of new GFX for skillbooks.
-Fixed bug when you could cast some spells without a target.
-Spell system overhauled, also supports now cast time. -Switched magipenalty under spell category in stats window.

Version 0.4 RC2 v1.16
-Added cats and dogs.
-Added more variations to few low level monsters.
-Added skill gains for fishing, taming, shearing and milking.
-Fixed loot generation when your pet kills something.

Version 0.4 RC2 v1.15 - Cows and pals patch
-First batch of mob variations includes, rats, large rats and cows.
-Starting to add content, so several type of cows are here! Gives lots of options to add for baking (cooking).
-(Bulls will be there later. So will be breeding).
-Fixed bug when pets just disappeared after server restart.
-Added cow milking, works almost as same way as sheep shearing, tame a cow, pen it, wait it to produce milk and milk it.
-Fixed shearing (Yes, it was broken).
-Added craftable empty can, can be used for milk storing.
-Fixed visual glitch when inventory turned briefly white when stacking items.
-Fixed a bug when crafting used whole stacks of materials instead of just decreasing right amount of stack size.
-Fixed pet production timer when penned. Also timer saving on server side.
-Neutral animals will now defend themselves if attacked.
-Shearing skill is now named to Animal Husbandry, this skill will handle all animal related productive actions like shearing and milking.
-Switched skinning and taming skills to mouse RIGHT button. Skinning with SHIFT and taming with CONTROL pressed.
-Fixed fancy magical item naming system, also added it to items in stash (bank).
-Fixed NPC X-coordinate offset error, (sometimes they appeared to be 1 tile to the right of their real position.
-Fixed annoying inputbox behavior when you tried to type to it, and your character started to move, or do some other stuff.
-Fixed glitch when TOP and TOPMOST windows stayed on top when activating other programs on top of the Hadelmia window.
-Optimized item lookup, generating and deleting routines (this will greatly improve item handling on server side).
-Many other minor fixes.

Version 0.4 RC2 v1.14
-Performance improvements.
-UI fixes and changes.

Version 0.4 RC2 v1.11
-Quest log remake (still very basic).
-Merged dialogue and quest system together.
-Delivery quest support.
-Kill quest support.
-Bounty hunter quest remade to work with new systems.
-Fixed awfully laggy blinking indicators on main window caption (also effected to FPS).
-Added server time on chat window.
-Tuned some colors on item info panels.
-Fixed OP magical bonuses.
-Fixed few wrong item names in GFX file.

Version 0.4 RC2 v1.0
-Quest system overhaul version 1.
-Dialogue system for NPC's.
-Speaking quest support.

Version 0.4 RC2
-FPS Improvements.
-Fixed few things on Installer.
-Added missing vorbis DLL.
-Encryption improvements.
-Fixed hotbar movement.

Version 0.4 RC1.89FINAL
-Testing login system with some changes in the code again.
-Greatly reduced inventory and loot window flickering.

Version 0.4 RC1.8999
-Testing login system with some changes in the code.
-Fixed crafting when there was more than 1 required items to craft something.

Version 0.4 RC1.8998
-Fixed skinning bugs.
-Changed torch usable with 2-H weapons also (at least for now).

Version 0.4 RC1.8997
-Fixed inventory mess up when trying to use or equip items while talking to vendor.
-Fixed value scale when applying SPP to skill (Max value was too high).
-Fixed couple of errors on login process.
-Keeping database in asynchronous mode. It is fast and seems to be stable as well.

Version 0.4 RC1.8996
-Fixed heal spell not showing on hotbar menu.
-Fixed skill window hints.
-Testing database in asynchronous mode.

Version 0.4 RC1.8995
-Fixed many bank vault issues.
-Fixed bank database table.
-Fixed login problem when you had items in your bank vault.

Version 0.4 RC1.899-1.8994
-Added some hairstyles, how do they look like with some helmets, is mystery.
-Fixed boss spawn.
-Fixed couple of GM commands.
-Lots of minor fixes on client and server side.

Version 0.4 RC1.898
-Fixed chest opening.
-Increased default walking speed.

Version 0.4 RC1.897
-Added some GM items.
-Some minor all around fixes.

Version 0.4 RC1.896
-GM command bug fixes.
-Added checks to many of the GM commands to not to crash the server or mess up characters.

Version 0.4 RC1.895
-Fixed character stuttering and warping especially when you are under move speed debuff.
-Deleted some useless code on character select routine and simplified it some. Effect to stability is unknown.
-Fixed item stack sizes.
-Added check to give GM command to prevent to create items that doesn't exists (caused that character to not able to login at all).
-GM can now select target with mouse or from player list on GM console.

Version 0.4 RC1.894
-Rest of the minimum needed GM commands.
-Fixed unmovable system stat and specification window.
-Fixed issue when total skill factor was 0 while trying to craft something (caused all recipes to shown as Unknown).

Version 0.4 RC1.893
-Tons of new GM commands.
-Fixed other players visible torch fire on out of line of sight areas.

Version 0.4 RC1.892
-Fixed other players chat bubble flickering.

Version 0.4 RC1.891
-Added needed libraries to make music work.
-Fixed issue when next tune didn't start after previous was finished.

Version 0.4 RC1.890
-Fixed access violation when using trade with other player.

Version 0.4 RC1.889
-Main window is now refreshing when using popup menus.

Version 0.4 RC1.888
-Fixed invisible level up screen.
-Fixed issue when item stats didn't refresh when level up button was showing.

Version 0.4 RC1.887
-Fixed blinking text when no skill is training on main window titlebar.

Version 0.4 RC1.886
-Some performance improvements.
-Changed target indicator blink speed to much slower.
-Fixed latency meter (didn't ping the server properly, and caused a huge lag while stat window was visible).

Version 0.4 RC1.885
-Fixed stash generation to database when using it first time.
-Fixed stash drawing on the inventory window.
-Made inventory window even smaller for very low resolutions, so chat window will fit under it (minimum usable resolution is 1366x768).
-Made couple of checks and calls to make sure that previous command is handled properly before taking next one from queue.
-Login is now better and more stable due to new wait calls and simultaneous message processing.
-Command processing is now multithreaded (if this works properly, all will be smoother, faster and less laggy).
-Hopefully fixed the problem when player commands were mixed up on server side while processing the queue.
-Queue should eventually always get empty and not leave "shadow" commands there, and freeze the server.
-Improved login queue code, when two or more players are login at the same time (not sure will it be more stable or not tho).

Version 0.4 RC1.884
-Fixed spell/technique hotbar.

Version 0.4 RC1.883
-Fixed theme (didn't show at all for some players).

Version 0.4 RC1.882
-Main window is now positioning and resizing correctly.

Version 0.4 RC1.881
-Adjusted default configs.

Version 0.4 RC1.880
-More UI fixes and tweaks.

Version 0.4 RC1.879
-Took off captionbars from several windows's like chat and info.

Version 0.4 RC1.878
-Fixed configuration errors.
-Fixed messed up client due to config bugs.
-Configuration reseting and default settings should work now as intented.
-Fixed system statistics window.

Version 0.4 RC1.877
-Few more GM Commands.
-Some minor bug and glitch fixes.
-Chat overhaul, including Unicode characters.
-Optimized Chat bubbles.

Version 0.4 RC1.876
-GM Console.
-First GM commands.
-Login improvements.
-Unicode conversion bug fixes.

Version 0.4 RC1.875
-Client converted to Unicode.
-Fixed Links not opening on your default browser.

Version 0.4 RC1.874
-Server converted to Unicode.
-Small fixes.
-Few fixes to Updater.

Version 0.4 RC1.873
-Started Server and Client converting to Unicode.
-Fixed Gmail blocking verify mails.
-Fixed Email verification.

Version 0.4 RC1.872
-Fixed missing news page on launcher.
-Adjusted and remade day/night cycle system.
-Fixed "vibrating" and eye hurting FOW area.

Version 0.4 RC1.871
-Few minor visual bug fixes.
-Updated and strengthened the Server certifications and Cipher list (Hopefully fixes random SSL errors).
-Updated netcode and encryption fixes.
-New Updater (should actually work now heh).
-New installer in MSI format.
-Generally updated tools, softwares, frameworks etc.

Version 0.4 RC1.870
-Updated OpenGL support to latest 4.6.
-Fixed occasianally freezing particle system.
-Once again guards were causing havok (fixed again).
-Support for all different CC and speed manipulating effects, and mounts.
-Minor UI Fixes, like annoying bugs on window snap system.
-Generally smoother DrawScene routine, also using new fancy OpenGL features.
-Raised capped FPS to 60.
-New MSI installer on website.
-Fixed some bugs on Updater.exe.
-Updated TLS/SSL to latest.
-Updated UI routines.

Version 0.4 RC1.866
-Added skill theory and practice ranks to the skills window.
-Added total skill factor (TSF) indicator to the skills window.
-Fixed line of sight in forest.
-Fixed numerous errors and bugs in crafting.
-Allow moving the main window on other screens.
-Fixed flickering inventory when selecting an item.
-Guards are now returning their post after causing mayhem and murdering all intruders.

Version 0.4 RC1.863
-Login is now quite stable, doesn't seem to cause disconnects to other players anymore.
-Map loading final version on login, and it is fast.
-Server stability improvements, doesn't crash or get stuck after possible errors.
-Skills max theory level is now 6.
-Trade skills are now gaining when selling or buying items.
-Fixed couple visual glitches on inventory screen.
-Server save process is now faster and more stable, and many realtime DB updates like skill gains has been moved to save procedure.
-Fixed bug when you couldn't use any spellbooks and learn any spells.

Major version 0.4 RC1.8
New major update is now out, and requiring lot of testing. Please help me to find bugs, and other oddities. All suggestions will be reviewed.

-Info log has now separated tabs for different actions.
-Default window positions and sizes should make more sense now. They are now defined by screen size (need more testing).
-General cleaning of the code. Lot of optimizations and improvements.
-Once a mob strikes you, the game checks which part of your body the blow hits, the armor on that area will be damaged.
-You can now repair your items on vendor (cost is defined by item quality and damage).
-Spell and Item systems overhauled (better and faster code on server side). -Stackable resource items.
-Crafting system overhauled, including now support for stacking resource items.
-Memory optimization, client now frees memory aggressively, after logon and ~30 seconds usage is around 100MB.
-Fixed several memory leaks.
-Fixed stiff and warping movement.
-Skin selector. Located in options menu. Default style is "FalloutStyle" style. Other good canditate is "HeroesStyle".
-Buff/Debuff icons.
-Buff/Defuff information panel.
-New target and npc infos.
-Main" Windows can't be located outside of the screen bounds (should prevent them to disappear out of reach).
-All around nicer look, and debug information has been removed.
-Item qualities, will increase/decrease stats by it.
-Item durability, will increase/decrease stats by it (keep your gear repaired).
-Item repairing, depending of your skills, items will lose max durability and quality levels eventually.
-Items will take damage, and so every item will get destroyed in the end, keeping also economy fresh someday.
-Item crafting quality, skills are effectting to it. Crafted item is always minimum of decent quality.
-Hit indicators are now showing for a second.
-Windows snapping is now more accurate.
-Skills are divided to Theory and Practice skills. (Theory will be learned by time and practice by using).
-Skill effect is combine of Theory and Practice part of it.
-Spell mastery will increase by using them.
-Sheeps will stay dead when they are killed (bastards didn't die, only got shored).
-Title bar now shows information about your character, like EXP, Stats, damage etc. and Theory skill training time.
-Client is now using more GPU instead of CPU.
-Some Monster LOS improvements.
-Added shortcut keys for most used windows.
-You can drag windows from anywhere of the form. (Not only from title/caption bar).
-You can close windows by right clicking on it.
-Fixed wrong attributes for some item types.
-Cleaned iteminfo panels.
-Refreshing an inventory after moving the inventory window.
-Deselect target by right clicking your character.
-Server side crash fixes and omptimizations.
-Login is again slightly faster.
-Web links on a main menu will be opened with your default browser now.
-Changed font in a hurry since to end of support of the previous one. Current: Book Antiqua.
-Completed the database code to use the FireDac.
-Improvements to the updater, it now shows version info, also download and updating progress.
-Some minor fixes and improvements I don't remember.

Version 0.4 RC1.78
-Latency indicator fix.
-Fixed server command distribution for clients (very important fix!).
-Fixed inventory refresh after returning to game.
-Fixed showing a corpse after killing mobs with a spell.
-Final version of the computer spec analyzer.

Version 0.4 RC1.77
-Improved server command queue.
-Item quality modifier.
-Fixed one bug what caused lots of DC's and crashes on server side.

Version 0.4 RC1.76
-Login session overhaul.
-SQL handling overhaul in generally.
-Couple minor glitch fixes on client side.

Version 0.4 RC1.75
-Fixed latency and FPS indicators.
-Fixed freezing when pinging the server.
-Added separate window for FPS and Latency. Also made some fancy system analyzers.
-More improvements to window snapping and positioning.

Version 0.4 RC1.74
-Forms are snapping better to each other.
-Refreshing improvements.
-Monster Line of Sight is now better and more detailed (should also prevent mobs to shoot through walls).

Version 0.4 RC1.73
-New graphics for monsters (Thanks Nicola again).
-Some npc graphics and monster variations.

This is a first part of the new graphical look.
This update contains:
-New graphics for weapons and armors, both inventory and character (Thanks to Nicola for the new GFX)
-Lots of new land tiles (Handmade by me :D)
-Changed music format to OGG (files are about 3 times smaller).
-Capped FPS to 30 (no need for more and saves CPU).
-Fixed volume control errors.

Version 0.4 RC1.71
-Fancier hotbar.
-Summoning system.
-Dread Knight event A.I.
-Login system improvements.
-Lots of TLS related problems solved.

Version 0.4 RC1.7
-Fancier hotbar.
-Summoning system.
-Dread Knight event A.I.
-Login system improvements.
-Lots of TLS related problems solved.

Version 0.4 RC1.69995
-Fixed login preventing "Wrong version number" SSL handshake error.
-Lot more TLS Fixes.
*NOTE, TLS still fails sometimes and gives errors on login process.

Version 0.4 RC1.692
-More stable connection between the server and client.
-More disconnect fixes.
-And more optimization.

Version 0.4 RC1.690
-Much faster map loading.
-Login issue fixes.
-DC fixes.
-TLS and networking improvements.

Version 0.4 RC1.686
-Enabled Transport Layer Security (TLS) V1.2.

Version 0.4 RC1.685
-Particle effects should be now much faster.

Version 0.4 RC1.684
-Some improvements to NPC path finding.
-Lot of server and client optimizations.
-MySQL optimizations.
-Fixed 0 amount and stack size bug.

Version 0.4 RC1.683
-Some kind of water effect.
-Possible gear uneguip crash fix.
-Possible crash bug fix on item sale.
-Also probably fixed odd money bug when you got millions of gold when selling something.

Version 0.4 RC1.682
-Torch particle effect.
-New potion graphics.
-Couple of minor glitch fixes.

Version 0.4 RC1.681
-Spell progression window postition and size saving.
-Fixed returning of the last quest on the quest line.

Version 0.4 RC1.68
-Spell mastery progression.
-Fixed couple of gfx glitches.
-Fixed character coordinate saving when logging out.
-Server initial load time is now about 10 times shorter.
-Finally fixed the server freeze bug (at least one of them).

Version 0.4 RC1.672
-Fast try to fix bug when crafted item goes to head slot.
-Fixed too large font on chat bubbles, also general fixes to bubble sizes.
-Small font and style changes.

Version 0.4 RC1.671
-Testing new font, should be very clear and good for eyes not with so good sight anymore.
-Fixed perk point bugs.
-Fixed trade window appearing to random people when it shouldn't.
-Some server bug fix tests.

Version 0.4 RC1.67
-Show corpses after login/re-login.
-Use double buffering to reduce flickering and to improve performance.
-Couple more server crash bugs fixed.
-Login should be now even faster.
-Try to fix server freeze bug(no guarantees, it works).

Version 0.4 RC1.666
-Fixed other player selection.
-Fixed level up to actually save it to server database.
-Adjusted moving speed of some monsters.
-Some server performance improvements.

Version 0.4 RC1.665
-Server stability fixes (need more tho).
-Fixed level up screen and level up system.
-Fixed bank vault.
-Nicer hints.
-Client down and up buffer is now 4 times larger (Does it help? I really dont know yet).
-Some minor stuff.

Version 0.4 RC1.63
-Fixed boss spawning.
-Fixed bounty quest generation database saving.
-Fixed case when only 1 gold was shown in a loot, instead of a stack.
-Fixed wrong lightlevel after you die in dungeon.
-Added Wrestling skill that increases your dodge chance by 2% per level.
-Remade other player characters memory handling (takes much less memory now).
-Fixed blinking mob names in combat.

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