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As the final release date draws near, its time to start refining the game. A ripple effect in the texture of Cyberspace is added to the game, with a dynamic system that can generate more than 7000 variations.

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As the final release date draws near, its time to start refining the game. Until now, the game have been rough around the edges, graphically. Using a mix of retro effects and modern vector graphics, the style was weird enough to cause some pumps along the way.


Games are an interactive media, and the best type of graphics and effects are effects that are affected by player actions. Now, the Cyberball will cause a ripple in the texture of Cyberspace whenever it hits a surface.

Furthermore, the ripple has a lot of options to make it appear more retro-ish. Currently, each chapter of the game have a different type of ripple to help emphasizing the type of cyber-world you are currently facing.

Interactivity, More

The next step was to make the ripple be affected by the speed of collision and the modifiers applied to craft the current Cyberball (Mass, Bounce, Hacking Power, etc).

As there is more than 7000 craft-able type of Cyberballs, there are even more shapes possible for the ripple effect.

Ripples for other world entities

The final addition to this ripple effect system is to allow other entities (Viruses, Security, etc.) to make them, to emphasize that a big evet have occurred. An example is shown in the next video, where hacking a file will cause a blue ripple to be created (in contrast to the white ripples of the Cyberball).

There are more ideas that are being cooked to further make this effect more dynamic and unique, stay tuned for future updates.

Try the Demo Now => Steam And stay tuned => Discord

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Mhmd 5ubh!

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