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From the 57 Phase 2 maps, the winners have been selected.

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Tripwire Interactive and Mod DB are proud to announce the Phase 2 winners of the official Killing Floor 2 Grindhouse Mapping Contest.

As a continuation of the Phase 1 portion from last year, the Phase 2 event has offered over $50,000 in prize money.

During the official Killing Floor 2 Grindhouse Mapping Contest competition, blood thirsty content creators were given the opportunity to show off their skills for a chance to have their very own map featured in the official Killing Floor 2 map line-up.

Phase 2 was held from December 7, 2015 through February 21, 2016. Today’s announcement reveals nine lucky and talented winners, each handpicked by the Tripwire Interactive team.

"We were overwhelmed by the quality and originality of the various map submissions in the Grindhouse Mapping Contest, Said John Gibson, President of Tripwire Interactive.

Now that we've recently added full Steam Workshop functionality in Killing Floor 2, we're excited to see what the community creates next!"

Tripwire Selections Phase 2

(All maps are on Steam Workshop and available to play now!)

Best Survival

1) Infernal Realm - $10,000

Killing Floor 2 InfernalRealms

2) Shopping Spree - $7,500

Killing Floor 2 ShoppingSpree   1

3) Spaceport Perdition - $5,000

Killing Floor 2 Spaceport Perdit

4) Power Core - $1,500

Killing Floor 2 Powercore   01

5) Dead Shore - $1,000

Killing Floor 2 Deadshore   02

Best Non Survival

1) Husk Factory - $5,000

Killing Floor 2 HuskFactory   01

2) GrooveYard - $2,500

Killing Floor 2 Grooveyard   01

3) Insurrection - $1,500

Killing Floor 2 Insurrection   0

4) London Escape - $1,000

Killing Floor 2 London   01

Guest - - 693,182 comments

Those are all some pretty cool maps, can't wait to see them ingame.

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DeltaForce95 - - 362 comments

How come I never saw these maps on the servers? Most of the customs I've found are squares and just crap >_> lol

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SCA.XIVth - - 13 comments

I am asking here because every single mail relating tripwire is gone from my email-inbox... - so I don't even know if I missed something or not.

Was my map even part of the contest? Right now I am little confused.

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TKAzA Author
TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

Did you also fill out the application form as per the submission guidelines?

Reply Good karma+4 votes
SCA.XIVth - - 13 comments

If you are talking about the surveymonkey, yes I filled that out.

If there was something else as well, I don't know.

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Guest - - 693,182 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Tunnel$ - - 108 comments

I am very happy to see Infernal Realm win the competition. I feel like justice was served there. SwiftBrutalDeath, hats off to you, you are a star.

There were many awesome maps, and many first time map makers who came up with some truly inspiring work. The talent that is out there in the public (even unknown/untapped) is amazing. I hope Tripwire runs another competition like this again. There were quite a few people that were just unlucky (like computer breakdowns) and couldn't get their maps uploaded in time, or lost work, and the fact that all the makers involved have some actual experience with the system, I think another Groundhouse competition would bring even more, even greater maps to this game.

I truly believe, community maketh the game. With the new VS Survival mode, perhaps maps designed specifically for this game mode would be created. There is also a huge opportunity there in terms of objective based maps also.

Then I have also, a big hope, that the people that have mods in mind, like a Halo inspired mod, or an Aliens inspired mod (as was actually done in KF1) may come out and start forming a team of volunteers, and get some interest in this. Seeing some of the mutators, I could see that making a game similar to COD Zombies with perk colas is also very doable in this game.

Lastly, thank you so much Tripwire for getting the Steam Workshop fixed. Downloading these custom maps in next to no time is pure awesomeness :)

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