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12 orbits is finally available for all platforms. Of course, available for PCs is not quite the same as available on Steam, so Greenlight is the next hurdle that needs to be overcome.

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During the last few weeks, I was no longer working on 12 orbits a lot (it is done, after all) but rather preparing material for the different stores that it needs to present itself on. While that wasn’t always my favorite kind of work, it still feels nice to finally have something that can I can show to strangers and be proud of. So now you can get 12 orbits on iOS and Android via their own stores and also for Windows, Mac and Linus via itch.io.

Of course, the true hurdle on PCs isn’t “availability” but “Steam availability”. So the next step is going through Greenlight, which I started this week. The feedback is looking quite nice at the moment, so I am hoping that 12 orbits will get greenlit soon, or at least eventually :-)

The feedback I got so far was actually quite helpful. Most notably, multiple voters complained that my trailer may look “pretty”, but isn’t explaining the gameplay very well. And in hindsight, that is absolutely true. The trailer was made with the assumption that you could always just try one of the free versions, but that is neither true for every player, nor is it something that should be expected. This was especially problematic for 12 orbits, as a few voters questioned whether the promised 12-player-local option could even work.

Since the original trailer was on the other hand well received by many other voters, I opted to add an additional video, which is focused on explaining the game mechanics and game modes. For those interested, here is the original (cryptic) trailer, followed by the new video:

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