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No good game goes without the extra's in the graphic-sauce. The latest update sees Space Grunts receiving stairways, random debri, destroyable scenery, and more enhancements.

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This week I've put a lot of time in adding all the little extra special effects that you normally visualize when creating the graphics, but never get around to adding them as they are basically extra fluff and not part of the core-game.

Since I feel like we are really nearing the end of the project, or at least an official release build, and there are no big bugs to fix, now is the perfect time to start adding some nice extra's that would normally go overlooked.

So update #26 is mostly full of special effects, graphical enhancements and tweaks. A lot of things I wanted to do earlier, but never got around to. The moon-base levels now come with explodable scenery like chairs, cabinets, and more.

There is also more random debri added to the environment, so it now looks more like a moon-base where something really went wrong and people tried to escape in a panic.

There are also some fixes in this update, some of those fixing issues with the dreaded level-16.. really hope I got all or at least most of that sorted now, since it's a bummer for people making it that far to run into problems!

As always, feedback and reviews are welcome!

Oh and have I mentioned the new cinematic trailer? No? here it is:

Here's the full list of Update 26 changes:


  • added: credits to stats menu - (let me know if you feel you should be on that list!)
  • added: “not connected” to daily challenge if not online with Steam for some reason.
  • change: quit game dialog now mentions “progress in current level is lost”


  • added: scorching of floor with some explosions
  • added: dust from walls with big explosions
  • added: some wall lights blink / shortcircuit
  • added: wall lights will now be destroyed in explosions
  • added: “steps” graphics for fake height difference in levels
  • added: destroyable scenery items (cabinets, chairs)
  • added: NPC’s now drop their item if you kill them (pre-zombie)
  • added: warpers can now steal items when near you
  • change: high-luck characters would get less ammo due to items. Fixed now
  • change: small tweak to detector ranges
  • fix: tweaked some of the camera-events
  • fix: rare bugs with level 16 generation
  • fix: crash after completing the game (level 16)
  • fix: health-decrease icon when using Adrenaline
  • fix: Gaia and Orb’s don’t spawn in secret-area’s anymore
  • fix: detectors gave wrong signals at times
  • fix: typo "abnoxious" -> obnoxious
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it looks great, congrats !

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