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Third character for our game, the Government Soldier.

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Government Soldier

This time we will like to showcase our third character model, the foot soldiers for the Government. These soldiers are highly augmented and equipped with the latest gadgets. They act as police force to take care of peace, and of course pesky thorns that plots against the Corporation controlled government.

Concept Art

Here's some concept art done by our artist, Andy Wong. The theme we had for this faction is more of a heavy tech with insect as a theme for the helmet. Here are some exploration for the soldiers we did, trying to avoid clashing style with the previous two characters.

Gov Enforcer Sketch 1

Gov Enforcer Sketch 2

Gov Enforcer helmet sketch

Gov Enforcer Sketch 3B

Gov Enforcer helmet sketch2

Sketch 2


And here's the final character, done by the talented artist, Mdee Ridhwan! This is probably one of the most complex design which is quite challenging but I think we managed to pull it off!

GovermentSoldier Turnaround

Hope you guys enjoy it!

What's Next?

Moving forward, we are actually quite close to finishing the vertical build. So far our test has been rather stable and we are currently exploring the possibility of doing a more public test. So do drop me a message if you guys think this is a good idea or not! Thanks for taking a look!

k00lkyle - - 2 comments

Really sweet design, digging the helmet.

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Gn0meSlice - - 568 comments

Very cool designs but the character in the conceptual artwork looks thin and lithe, and the 3D model looks really... chunky. Particularly, his torso just seems really big around, sort of cylindrical instead of body-shaped, and the breastplate seems to stick out a lot further than in the artwork. Looks more like a heavy bruiser than a runner.

Like I said though, very cool design work, very stylish character!

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Guardian_2194600 - - 234 comments

Well they could just make them look light weight. Concept art of the soldier in the air look more like a ninja, so maybe try making it more ninja like with the excuse that their armor is highly advance stuff.

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velsthinez Author
velsthinez - - 145 comments

That's a good catch. This is due to our customization issue where the thinner build is causing issue when players swap parts. We decided to thicken it, as it help with the silhouette as well.

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Guardian_2194600 - - 234 comments

Out of curiosity, what are those things on the back of the character?

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velsthinez Author
velsthinez - - 145 comments

The top one behind his spine acts as an antenna, for receiving and relaying message to the headquarter and other squad. The one at the bottom acts as a sonar emitter.

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LittleFishy - - 84 comments

Personally I love a bit of weight on the armor so I have no problem with the more ''chunky'' design :)
Looks great!

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