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In this video I comment about the latest events regarding Fursan al-Aqsa, specially the removal of my game from Playstore, due Zionists pressure over the platform.

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In this video I comment about the latest events regarding Fursan al-Aqsa, specially the removal of my game from Playstore, due Zionists pressure over the platform.

It's funny that Zionists always use the narrative "antisemitism" to anything which criticizes them.


All of you who played my game, know that this is just a shooter game, like any other shooter, but, unlike Call of Duty games, in example, it flips the roles. So the character which always was portrayed as a NPC ready to be killed by the player (who took the role of generally an USA Soldier), now takes the role of Protagonist and Hero. A Palestinian Fighter takes the role of a Protagonist in a Shooter Game on which the enemies are IDF Soldiers, and, because of this, such can game is a "terrorist propaganda"?

So, what is terrorism? What defines a terrorist action (like Playstore Policy Team message said, that my game promotes and incites terrorist acts)? So, any war can be considered as a terrorist action, depending on the point of view.

Who is the real "terrorist"? Is Russia really a terrorist state? Is Ukraine a terrorist state? War has 2 sides, and one man's terrorist is another man's hero.

So you can not simply label someone as "terrorist", because, it all depends on the point of view, on the circumstances and situation. For me, Israeli Soldiers are the biggest Terrorists of this whole world.

For me, the USA Soldiers who invaded Iraq are the biggest terrorists. For me, all Iraqi groups who fought the American Invasion are heroes. For me, all Afghanistan Fighters who fought the Soviet Domination were heroes.

Another example, everyone knows that Chechen fought many years against Russia for the independence of their territories. So on that time, Chechen Fighters have seen Russian Fighters as Terrorists. But now, you see many, many Chechen Fighters fighting with Russia against Ukraine. So, as you can see, the concept of terrorism is not a fixed concept, and depends on too many factors.

But now coming back to games, games are a Form of Art and you can not censor someone because he wants to portray his visions, his ideal, his political values on this piece of art.

It's the same narrative people are using to censor and ban other games, like Atomic Heart (because it seems that the developers are pro-Russia) and Hogwarts Legacy, because J. K. Rowling (the original author of Harry Potter Universe) is against LGBT groups.

This is something so stupid which shows that, unfortunately, those who call for freedom of speech definitely do NOT know to live and respect different opinions and points of view. This is a kind of authoritarianism, fascism, like, if you don't agree with my points of view, so you are my enemy, you are on wrong, I am right and other things.

We humans are different, every person has his own values, cultural identity, moral values, so you can not define a standard of "right and wrong", "good and evil", because, as I said, things change from nation to nation, from culture to culture, and so on.

Me, Nidal Nijm, as a practicing Muslim, there are many things people do here in Brazil and in Western Countries as general, I see these as wrong, for me, because of my personal and religious values. But I do not have nothing to do with other people's style of life, what they do, their moral values, their political views. I can not force anyone to become a Muslim, so I need to respect other people's individuality, in the same way I want them to respect me and my personal, cultural and religious values.

Last, but not least, I kindly ask for your support towards Fursan al-Aqsa. I will continue working on my game, in sha Allah, but I need some financial support, specially for the Mobile Version, because, if Google Playstore does not restore my game, it means I won't be able to earn with Ads, so donations will be very welcome. Just read the video description (GOOGLE CENSORED MY GAME TO PLEASE ISRAEL!!!) to see how you can donate. Any amount is welcome, regardless the value.

Assalamu Alaykum.

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