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Build spacecraft and space stations in {Undefined}!

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"Going to Space!" Major Update Released!

We are thrilled to announce that we just released our first major update which is called "Going to Space!"!

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This update brings the game to version 2.0.2 and brings a lot of new cool features like spacecraft, spacestations and GPS Beacons and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Unfortunately this update will wipe all previous save games as we introduced some breaking changes. You can still use your saved blueprints tho!

Make sure to watch our new tutorial videos for vehicle building, flying and GPS Beacons down below!

As always, please report any bugs into our discord channel, or to Github.com

Spacecraft building and flying

GPS Beacons

What's next?
In the next few days we will work on the next minor patch which will bring some bug fixes and smaller additions. We also already started working on the electricity system, which will be our next major update, which will be called "Electrifine".


- {ADDED} Vehicle Building and vehicle controls(spacecraft for now)
- {ADDED} full support for space stations
- {ADDED} player controls when weightless
- {ADDED} Gravity decreases with altitude
- {ADDED} GPS Beacons
- {ADDED} GPS Beacon Block Function
- {ADDED} Cockpit seat
- {ADDED} Passenger seat
- {ADDED} Rocket engines
- {ADDED} Construction Table
- {ADDED} Wrench Item (for destructing vehicle blocks)
- {ADDED} working gravity strength indication in player info menu
- {ADDED} aluminum material
- {ADDED} multiple marbel materials
- {ADDED} multiple wood materials
- {ADDED} multiple asphalt materials
- {ADDED} multiple roof tile materials
- {ADDED} multiple brick materials
- {ADDED} multiple metal materials
- {ADDED} fiber glass material
- {ADDED} textile materials
- {ADDED} wallpaper material
- {ADDED} stone materials
- {ADDED} mosaik material
- {ADDED} possibility to hide HUD
- {CHANGED} glass to a more greenish color
- {CHANGED} glass imperfections
- {IMPROVED} glass rendering
- {IMPROVED} gravity calculations
- {IMPROVED} internal code
- {IMPROVED} present building materials
- {FIXED} some bugs in block placement
- {FIXED} ambience light visible in space
- {FIXED} ambience sounds in space
- {FIXED} some smaller bugs
- {FIXED} right and left arrow keys not working

Thanks for the ongoing support, we really appreciate that!

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