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This time we present you with concept art of our main character, Brandon Alder.

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One more week of progress and we're getting started on some character concept art! Our artist decided to tackle Brandon Alder, testing out armors, sillhouettes and faces. This is the result of progress in writing as well, as the world begins to take shape and profiles on the major countried present in this story are developed.

With a good amount of info on these countries we want to make these characters truly feel like they belong somewhere, that their customs and culture matter, and to make sure that you don't forget where they came from as well as other key information, our programmer is working with Twine to create a sort of dynamic glossary that can give you a definition of key words and terms when you click on them.

It is a bit difficult to write progress reports when everything we're working on has a lot of steps to cover until it's completed but we'll do our best to keep you updated weekly. Be sure to follow our twitter as well.

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